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Playground slide burns 3-year-old as temperatures rise

06/11/2013 7:47am
In mere seconds, Utah's hot temperatures turned an afternoon at the park into a trip to the emergency room for a boy simply going down a slide.

'Harshest punishment' warranted for convicted killer, judge says at sentencing

06/11/2013 8:07am
Anthony James Prater, who was convicted of aggravated murder in the 2007 shooting death of Vincent Samora, was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Doctors want state to revoke incineration plant permit

06/11/2013 8:19am
Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment called on state air quality regulators Monday to hold a public hearing on alleged violations at a medical waste incinerator plant in North Salt Lake. The group wants a public hearing on the plant's permit.

Doctors use drop of super glue in surgery on infant's brain

06/11/2013 10:05am
Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital have made history with a procedure they used to fix a baby's aneurysm with superglue.

Baby 'bought' with digital currency

06/11/2013 10:26am
Dr. C. Terence Lee's fertility clinic accepts three types of virtual payment: Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin. Most patients don't bother to ask what Bitcoin is, but one couple used the digital currency to conceive their fourth child.

Mechanical 'Robo Raven' is so realistic, real birds fly in formation

06/11/2013 11:46am
We humans are surprisingly good at traveling when off the ground: We have planes that can fly at five times the speed of sound and we've traveled all the way to the moon and back — at least if you believe NASA and Neil Armstrong. One thing we haven't yet been able to do, though, is fly like a bird.

Motorcyclist dies of crash injuries

06/11/2013 12:04pm
Brian Thaut, a 32-year-old Salt Lake City man, died Saturday from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle crash on May 30, police said.

Dr. J still dunks at 63; Polish puddle celebration

06/11/2013 12:39pm
Julius Erving is still dunking at 63, and an amateur soccer player decided a puddle dive was the best way to celebrate a goal.

3-year-old girl improving after being trapped by dresser, TV

06/11/2013 1:09pm
The condition of a 3-year-old girl who was critically injured when a dresser and TV fell on her Monday, had improved Tuesday.

First trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'

06/11/2013 3:45pm
The first trailer for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" has hit the web, and it looks like the film will be beautiful and long.

8 things you could buy for the $280M it will cost to run UTA in 2013

06/11/2013 3:49pm
For your average person, the costs and dollar amounts are so high that it can be tough to understand just how much is being spent. To make things a little easier, has calculated a few other things that you could buy with the same amount of money it takes to run the Utah Transit Authority for a year.

Utah-based gun show being sued by San Francisco

06/11/2013 3:58pm
A San Francisco attorney has filed a lawsuit naming, among others, the Utah-based company responsible for the Crossroads of the West Gun Shows, alleging violations of California state laws.

When a squirrel and raccoon snuggled, Reddit wrote a kid's book

06/11/2013 4:50pm
This is the story of Simon and Oliver, a raccoon and squirrel that Redditor Pianoangel420 posted hanging out and snuggling together Sunday. In less than 24 hours, a much bigger project was in the works.

After sky-high pollution levels, prevention group forms

06/11/2013 5:33pm
The sky is clear and the inversion is long gone, but air pollution is still a big problem for Northern Utah.

Toddler in stroller killed in hit-and-run accident

06/11/2013 5:42pm
The mother of 2-year-old Gavyn, who died Tuesday morning after being struck by a car Monday night, is asking the driver who fled the scene to turn themselves in.

7-year-old Vernal girl hit by car

06/11/2013 5:47pm
A 7-year-old girl suffered head and leg injuries Tuesday after she darted out between two parked cars and was hit by another vehicle, according to Vernal police.

Family unearths large dinosaur skeleton during vacation

06/11/2013 7:10pm
A vacation in the San Rafael Desert turned into a major historic discovery when a family unearthed a dinosaur.

Cheers, jeers for restaurant banning kids under 18

06/11/2013 7:39pm
A new restaurant in Virginia was the talk of the town even before it opened its doors to customers — and it's not the food that has everyone buzzing.

First dog blood bank coming to Utah

06/11/2013 7:44pm
Utah is about to receive its first blood bank for dogs in Salt Lake City.

Utah artist making dirt balls work for him

06/11/2013 7:47pm
A Utah man is taking the idea that "anything can be art" to an extreme — and making dirt work for him.

Nu Skin building expansion almost complete; opening scheduled for Oct.

06/11/2013 8:01pm
Construction is finishing up on the Nu Skin building expansion in downtown Provo. The building location involves real estate that at one time was a city street.

6 strategies to help siblings stay close

06/11/2013 8:32pm
How can we foster lifelong friendships among our children so when we have passed on, they hold our histories close for the next generation? Some strategies can help turn sibling foes into friends.

Herbert: 'If Swallow worked for me, he'd be gone'

06/11/2013 8:52pm
Gov. Gary Herbert expressed his concern over the effects of the unresolved issues surrounding the five separate investigations of Attorney General John Swallow. He even went as far as to say if Swallow worked for him, he would have been fired by now.

Taylorsville's proposed 47% tax increase 'just can't be justified,' taxpayers association says

06/11/2013 8:54pm
City officials are working to balance the budget and reduce a proposed 47 percent property tax increase in Taylorsville.

Medical license suspended for doctor accused of killing ex-wife

06/11/2013 9:15pm
John Wall, a Salt Lake pediatrician accused of killing his ex-wife, will have a preliminary hearing in October. The doctor has also agreed to a suspension of his license while the criminal charges are pending.

Divers work to prevent quagga invasion at Lake Powell

06/11/2013 10:50pm
Of all the lakes in Utah, Lake Powell gets the most boaters every year. But there's something in Lake Powell that has wildlife biologists concerned: quagga mussels.

Protestors want to see West Davis Corridor plan abandoned

06/11/2013 10:57pm
There is no shortage of emotion when it comes to the proposed West Davis Corridor. Tuesday night, hundreds gathered in Farmington for a public hearing to discuss possible routes for the highway, but many said they don't want it at all.

Sea of missionaries spreads from MTC to BYU in evening march

06/11/2013 10:58pm
For a couple of hours Tuesday night, there was not a single missionary at the LDS Church's Missionary Training Center in Provo. The recent increase in the number of missionaries required thousands of them to walk from the MTC to the BYU campus just to be able to meet together.

UDOT working to solve road-buckling problem on I-15

06/11/2013 11:02pm
The Utah Department of Transportation has had to fix parts of I-15 multiple times in the last two weeks because heat caused the road to buckle. Crews are already working on ways to temporarily put a stop to the problem, and there are plans in place for a more permanent fix in the future.