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ACT exams to be given digitally by 2015

06/09/2013 9:12am
By the spring of 2015, the ACT exam is expected to transition to a digital format. The new test will allow a quicker delivery of a student's score.

LDS Church celebrates 35th anniversary of black men receiving priesthood

06/09/2013 9:44am
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrated the 35th anniversary since the announcement of the revelation allowing black men in the faith to receive the priesthood.

Construction, detours scheduled for I-84 bridge in Riverdale

06/09/2013 11:05am
Construction work will begin next week to upgrade the deck structure of the I-84 bridge over I-15 in Riverdale.

Alliance for a Better Utah calls for A.G.'s resignation

06/09/2013 1:25pm
The left-leaning Alliance for a Better Utah is the latest group to call for Attorney General John Swallow to step down.

SL City Council mulls tax hike to aid infrastructure

06/09/2013 3:32pm
There are still weeks of work ahead as the Salt Lake City Council moves line by line through the proposed 2013-14 budget, but one thing is clear: A tax hike is likely necessary if the city hopes to repair its neglected infrastructure.

BLM wants public feedback on Monticello ATV safari plan

06/09/2013 4:48pm
Monticello in San Juan County is proposing to host and conduct guided all-terrain vehicle tours on 16 trails throughout the area. The Bureau of Land Management is preparing an environmental analysis to explore impacts.

2 more girls allege sexual abuse by man at Provo rec center

06/09/2013 5:41pm
In the 24 hours since Provo police arrested a man for alleged sexual assault of two young girls at a community pool, two more possible victims have come forward.

Man drowns while swimming in Pineview Reservoir

06/09/2013 6:12pm
A man drowned in Pineview Reservoir Sunday while swimming with some friends.

40-acre fire burning in Tooele County

06/09/2013 7:18pm
A fire started in one of Tooele County's canyons Sunday. Though partly contained, it continues to grow.

Honoring my first running partner: my dad

06/09/2013 8:14pm
Many movies have depicted a little girl standing on her daddy's feet as he holds her hands and they dance. When I picture my "little girl feet" and my father's, however, our feet are side by side, running to the sounds of nature while thinking about life's contemplations.

Historic American Fork church gets new stained glass

06/09/2013 10:17pm
A small Presbyterian church built in 1881 has installed four new stained glass windows built by the artist who often makes windows for LDS temples.

2-year-old Springville boy fighting kidney cancer

06/09/2013 10:25pm
Derek Fugal and his family are facing a frightening future: At the age of 2, he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Though he is barely a toddler, he must still undergo chemotherapy and surgery in order to have a chance.