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Attorney wants trial moved after unrelated murder charge publicizes case

06/05/2013 7:09am
The attorney for a Fort Duchesne man charged with aggravated sexual assault and murder in separate cases has asked a judge to move the upcoming trial in the sex assault case out of Uintah County.

Restricting social media at work can stifle company voice, experts say

06/05/2013 8:09am
Recent surveys show almost a third of employers restrict the use of social media by their employees, a practice experts are warning against.

Phony cops robbed jewelry store, police say

06/05/2013 9:44am
Two men impersonating police officers are accused of robbing a jewelry store Tuesday morning.

Man slides down cliff in daring rescue

06/05/2013 9:58am
A daring rescue took place in Zion National Park Monday as a man jumped over a wall and slid down a cliff to save someone he'd barely met.

5 simple ways to make your mornings better

06/05/2013 10:28am
Reinvent your mornings with these five steps.

High fives and other small reminders keep workers safe

06/05/2013 11:01am
High fives have become an integral aspect to Rocky Mountain Masonry's comprehensive safety program. But the impactful safety tool originated from an OSHA fine.

Prepaid debit cards can be more costly than you'd think

06/05/2013 11:07am
Some companies tout prepaid debit cards as a financial teaching tool for teens. But consumer experts warn they can be more costly than anticipated, and there are better ways to teach about credit.

Catholic Church works to stop shopping on Sundays in Italy

06/05/2013 11:37am
The Roman Catholic Church, along with trade unions and small business associations, is working to save Sundays by pushing for a ban on shopping in Italy. Other countries, meanwhile, are already on board.

Ancient Roman concrete may be key to modern building advancements

06/05/2013 11:59am
Scientists are studying Roman concrete for clues to making better, more durable, more environmentally friendly modern concrete.

ACLU calls for the legalization of marijuana

06/05/2013 12:18pm
The American Civil Liberties Union is calling for the legalization of marijuana in response to the massive amount of resources and taxpayer dollars spent to curb the drug.

Karl Malone's starting 5; men dodging baseballs

06/05/2013 1:49pm
Karl Malone caused quite a stir by naming his all-time NBA starting five, and watch men dodge things at baseball games only to let their significant other take the hit.

Utah men set out to ride bicycles to South Pole

06/05/2013 2:03pm
Two Utah men hope to be the first to ride the 1,400 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole and back on bicycles.

Try a real Krusty Burger and a Flaming Moe

06/05/2013 2:48pm
Universal Studios Florida has opened a new area of the park where you can dine at Krusty Burger, The Frying Dutchman and even Moe's Tavern.

Charges dismissed against 1 of 3 accused in Vernal beating

06/05/2013 3:33pm
All charges have been dismissed against one of three people accused of taking part in a May 15 beating that left a Vernal man in a coma.

1,300 pound mako shark caught by fisherman

06/05/2013 4:04pm
A fisherman may have caught the largest mako shark ever recorded off the shores of Huntington Beach.

Police need help identifying possible serial robber

06/05/2013 4:48pm
Two police agencies are looking for the public's help in catching a possible serial robber who has hit stores throughout Salt Lake Valley.

Nearly 100 cars removed from Blacksmith Fork River in restoration project

06/05/2013 5:46pm
For years, the Blacksmith Fork River has been lined with old cars — clunkers that weren't good for anything else, and so were used to shore up the banks of the river in times of flooding. Those cars are now coming out of the river.

National award given for KSL's Read Today program

06/05/2013 6:58pm
KSL received the highest national service award for its Read Today program during a ceremony in Washington D.C.

Wednesday's Child: Kristen

06/05/2013 7:00pm
The Wednesday's Child of the week is a 16-year-old girl hoping to become a cosmetologist someday. But first, she got to enjoy a glamour shoot of her own.

Woman 'trapped' on tracks in car, hit by FrontRunner train

06/05/2013 7:00pm
A woman and her 6-month-old grandchild were not injured Wednesday when a FrontRunner train crashed into the front end of the woman's car.

'Mountain Man' request for new attorney denied by judge

06/05/2013 7:21pm
A judge declined to appoint a new attorney Wednesday for a man accused of evading police for several years while by living in the mountains and in burglarized cabins.

No charges for 2012 Quail Fire, prosecutors say

06/05/2013 7:29pm
Federal prosecutors have decided not to bring criminal charges for a wildfire 11 months ago that advanced within feet of dozens of house in Utah County.

Romney's son won't rule out Utah run for office

06/05/2013 7:36pm
Josh Romney said Wednesday he isn't ruling out following in his father Mitt's footsteps and running for office but for now will campaign again for GOP congressional candidate Mia Love.

Police officer injured after hitting debris during motorcycle training

06/05/2013 7:45pm
A Salt Lake City police officer was injured on a motorcycle training ride when the group encountered debris on I-15.

3 questions that will help curb a mom's negative thoughts

06/05/2013 8:05pm
Dealing with negative thoughts is not easy and never ending. But having a few tools can help you gain control and choose happiness. This MOMentity column walks you through three things to ask yourself each time your negative thought takes over.

Utah company offers easy way to help OK tornado victims

06/05/2013 8:34pm
After a second round of tornadoes, many survivors in Oklahoma are still digging through what's left of their homes. A Utah company is making it easy for those interested in helping the victims get the energy they need to face what the next day brings.

Ex-owner of Cedar City girls' home charged with sexually abusing 3 clients

06/05/2013 8:52pm
A man who once owned and operated a home for troubled girls in Cedar City is now facing felony charges for the alleged sexual abuse of three girls at the home.

LDS seminary teacher charged with burglary, theft of prescription drugs

06/05/2013 10:30pm
An LDS Seminary teacher for students at Union High School in Roosevelt is facing a felony charge after sheriff's deputies say he entered a home and stole Lortab.

Body of missing BYU student hiking the Y found

06/05/2013 10:33pm
Search and rescue crews descended Y Mountain just after 9 p.m. Wednesday to inform family members they had located the body of a BYU student missing since Saturday.

Cellphone video reveals mishaps during Uintah house fire

06/05/2013 10:44pm
Witnesses watched and recorded fire crews struggling to get their water hose to work as a Uintah home eventually burned to the ground last week.

'Miracle' cure takes toll years later on Utah man

06/05/2013 10:52pm
A Utah man who cheated death three times is now paying a price for his cure.