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Man dropped out of high school to join Navy, graduates 70 years later

05/30/2013 7:07am
Jackson Howard, an 86-year-old father of six, received a standing ovation from fellow Provo High School graduates and audience members Wednesday as he walked across the stage at the UCCU Events Center, his diploma in hand.

Police: Man was riding stolen motorcycle when he crashed, died

05/30/2013 7:33am
A man riding a motorcycle that had been reported missing Wednesday was killed when the bullet bike collided with a car.

School bans vending machines, plans 5K to fill financial gap

05/30/2013 8:28am
Inside Mountain Ridge Junior High, there is no junk food, candy or soda to be found. The Utah school has done what might seem like the unthinkable — it has gotten rid of the candy and vending machines. Now, all it sells is water.

Father charged with attempted homicide after stabbing son

05/30/2013 8:58am
The father accused of stabbing his son at the University of Utah Village has been charged with attempted homicide, a first-degree felony. Charges filed against father accused of stabbing U. student

Google's Roll It turns your phone, computer into virtual Skee-ball

05/30/2013 10:31am
A new Google Chrome experiment turns your phone and laptop into a virtual Skee-ball game, allowing you to use your phone as a remote control without downloading additional apps.

24-year-old killed in motorcycle accident owned custom motorcycle shop

05/30/2013 11:05am
An Ogden business owner known for building custom motorcycles was killed Friday while riding a motorcycle.

Woman indicted for 16 counts of bank fraud, identity theft

05/30/2013 11:30am
A Taylorsvile woman faces a 16-count indictment for alleged fraud and identity theft.

5 things to do in Bryce Canyon this week

05/30/2013 11:41am
For three consecutive days last weekend, more than 4,000 people entered the Bryce Canyon Visitors Center, breaking previous records. But if you're looking to avoid crowds rather than beat records, this week may be the time to visit the park.

6-year-old scares bus driver with tiny toy gun

05/30/2013 12:03pm
After review of surveillance video, a boy who brought a tiny toy gun on a school bus will not be disciplined.

Man found lying in street with gunshot wound, head injury

05/30/2013 12:33pm
A 40-year-old man was found in the street with a gunshot wound late Wednesday.

2014 Olympic medals unveiled; amazing Kenyan high jumpers

05/30/2013 12:36pm
The 2014 Winter Olympic medals were unveiled Thursday. A couple of Kenyan high schoolers have absolutely changed the way high jumping moves forward. John Calipari wants athletes to spend two years in college before going to the NBA.

Opinion: Working families should get to decide overtime pay

05/30/2013 1:34pm
Finding the balance between work and family life is not a new debate in American politics or a new challenge for American families. Millions of Americans are employed at jobs where a choice on overtime pay would benefit them, and help their families. I believe these citizens deserve a choice.

St. George doctor involved in drug-selling scheme, agents say

05/30/2013 2:05pm
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is seeking a warrant to investigate the storage units of a St. George-based doctor who it believes has been writing bogus prescriptions that are being used to sell drugs illegally.

Grumpy Cat gets her own movie, finally

05/30/2013 2:35pm
Humanity is officially on suicide watch. Production company Broken Road has announced plans to make a film based off the popular Internet meme, Tard, the Grumpy Cat.

Orem considering pedestrian bridge over I-15 to UVU

05/30/2013 3:24pm
The Orem City Council has voted to amend its transportation plan to include the potential development of a pedestrian bridge over I-15 at Utah Valley University.

Tower, Broadway theaters risk closing without digital updates

05/30/2013 4:39pm
The Tower and Broadway theaters are asking the community for help raising funds to update their projection equipment and keep them open.

Man serving sentence for 2009 golf course shooting found dead in prison

05/30/2013 5:40pm
Jeremiah Williamson, serving a 15-year-to-life prison sentence in connection with the shooting death of a 18-year-old boy, was found dead at the prison Tuesday. It is believed he died of natural causes.

Doctors, patient celebrate history-making double transplant surgery

05/30/2013 6:23pm
Doctors at Intermountain Medical Center are celebrating a first: a heart and liver transplant in the same patient, during one operation. It's the first transplant surgery of its kind in the state of Utah.

Court filing: Swallow sought business dealings with Johnson's iWorks Company

05/30/2013 6:29pm
A new filing in a Las Vegas court shines further light on the relationship between Utah Attorney General John Swallow and indicted businessman Jeremy Johnson and suggests Swallow may have sought a business relationship with Johnson while working in the Attorney General's Office.

West Point driver has close call with car-sized sinkhole

05/30/2013 6:32pm
A driver got an unpleasant surprise in West Point Wednesday when a "cavernous" sinkhole opened up as the driver's pickup drove over it.

Girl with Down syndrome excited to be first-time cheerleader

05/30/2013 6:57pm
With the school year winding down, many students are trying to figure out what to do this summer. But one junior high student from Taylorsville already can't wait for the next school year.

Police raid suspected drug house; neighbors relieved

05/30/2013 7:25pm
Some Sunset City residents are celebrating a drug raid on a neighbor's home that is next to an elementary school. They say they've been sending tips to police and keeping an eye on activity there for nearly two years.

Response to Okla. tornado shows why people are awesome

05/30/2013 7:43pm
In response to the horrific tornado in Moore, Okla., something equally heartwarming immediately began to happen — and continues to happen. This can be summed up in three words: People are awesome.

Man charged with murdering friend while out on bail

05/30/2013 8:01pm
A Uintah County man was charged Thursday with the murder of a friend he met in jail. The crime actually occurred while he was out on bail in what Vernal police say was a violent sexual assault.

Former Victoria's Secret model chooses religion over job

05/30/2013 8:31pm
Kylie Bisutt's dreams came true when she won a Victoria's Secret modeling competition. But less than two years later, she decided to stop because of her personal beliefs.

Road rage incident helps uncover DMV worker's alleged misuse of private info

05/30/2013 10:46pm
A DMV employee has been fired in light of allegations she provided private information acquired at work for the commission of crimes. Strangely, it all started with a car fire.

Utah ICAC team tracking down child porn on Pinterest

05/30/2013 10:56pm
The Utah Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is investigating child porn found in a surprising place: the social media website Pinterest.

Tooele County Sheriff's Office under investigation

05/30/2013 11:01pm
The Tooele County Sheriff's Office is under investigation, county officials said Thursday. But what the investigation is about isn't exactly clear.

West Jordan to get full-time mayor; other cities struggle with part-time pay

05/30/2013 11:06pm
The West Jordan City Council voted Wednesday night to make their mayor a full-time employee. It's an issue many other Utah communities struggle with: When a town turns into a big city, at what point is a full-time mayor critical?

Flaming Gorge Dam releasing more water to save endangered fish

05/30/2013 11:22pm
Water levels are way up on the Green River, and they're expected to stay that way for a while. It's part of an ongoing effort to help an endangered species, but as an added bonus, another group of water lovers is also seeing a benefit.