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Restaurant spending hits all-time high; experts warn consumers to budget

05/29/2013 7:44am
People are tired of watching how much they spend and are going out to eat, according to recent reports. However, some financial counselors say there are real pitfalls people can fall into.

How valuable is your credit score? Credit bureaus accused of misleading consumers

05/29/2013 9:19am
A Utah legislator claims credit bureaus are lying to consumers about the credit scores they sell.

During robbery, Burger King employee hides getaway car

05/29/2013 9:54am
A fast food restaurant employee gave two alleged robbers the slip when he drove away in their getaway car.

Suspect admits to hitting woman, pulling out hair, police say

05/29/2013 10:29am
A man was arrested for investigation of assaulting a woman Tuesday night. Cottonwood Heights police were attempting Wednesday to sort out two different very stories of what actually happened.

The anti-technologist: This advice doesn't apply to you

05/29/2013 10:29am
Sleep-deprived individuals perform just about as poorly as (or worse than) someone intoxicated by alcohol, research found. That goes for mental focus and job performance as much as motor skills.

Blind pug spends days comforting abused children

05/29/2013 10:38am
After meeting Xander the blind pug, you might look on your situation with a little more optimism.

Tales from the ER: Amazing acts of kindness

05/29/2013 11:06am
With recent tragic events that have happened, I have heard some less-than-encouraging comments about our society and the people who live in it. Amazing acts of kindness are abundant and numerous. It's a shame most go unnoticed.

'Transformers 4' filming in Monument Valley

05/29/2013 11:27am
Among the 1,000-foot pinnacles of Monument Valley, Michael Bay began filming the newest addition to the "Transformers" franchise Tuesday.

Dark energy, dark matter still befuddling scientists

05/29/2013 11:46am
Scientists know what dark energy and dark matter do, but they have no idea what they actually are.

Matt Kemp wins again and David Wright hits a home run for a fan

05/29/2013 12:38pm
Matt Kemp keeps on showing why he is a cool guy and in New York David Wright is hugging a fan after he hits a home run.

5 real father-son movies worth watching

05/29/2013 3:57pm
Will Smith and his son Jaden have teamed up for "After Earth," and as we look ahead to the sci-fi flick we thought we'd take a look at five real father-son movie pairings that are actually worth watching.

UVU student wants Palestinian flag on display; school mulls decision

05/29/2013 4:07pm
A Palestinian UVU student wants his nation's flag on display at the school and has been trying to make it happens since 2011. The school is now in the process of making a decision.

Toddler found submerged in backyard pond dies

05/29/2013 5:44pm
An 18-month-old boy found submerged in a backyard pond on Tuesday died Wednesday.

Utah soldier's body escorted home in military procession

05/29/2013 5:48pm
The Utah soldier who died at war earlier this month is now back home. The body of 21-year-old Army Spc. Cody Towse arrived in Utah County Wednesday afternoon.

3 rescues in 1 week bode poorly for hiking season

05/29/2013 5:57pm
If this week is any indication, it's going to be an active season for outdoor rescues.

Vail Resorts to operate Canyons Resort in Utah

05/29/2013 5:58pm
Vail Resorts said Wednesday it will take over operations of Canyons ski resort in Utah under a lease agreement with Canadian resort operator Talisker Corp.

George W. Bush speaks candidly at Utah business conference

05/29/2013 6:23pm
President George W. Bush was in Salt Lake City Wednesday to talk to business leaders at Zions Bank's 12th annual Trade and Business Conference. For some attendees, it was the former president's candor that stood out the most.

First round of missionaries report to temporary MTC at Wyview

05/29/2013 7:11pm
It was just a month ago that students living in the Raintree Commons apartments and half of Wyview moved out to make way for temporary missionary housing. Since then, a lot of work has gone into transforming the properties for missionaries.

Must-have summer reads for the whole family

05/29/2013 7:56pm
Good weather and good books go hand-in-hand this summer. This Book Matters list includes fantastic choices for every age group: From new picture books to hilarious middle-grade to can't-put-down fiction, there is something for everyone in the family.

Police warn residents near Liberty Park to be smart after burglary spike

05/29/2013 7:59pm
Police say summertime crime like burglaries and car break-ins are up near Liberty Park neighborhoods, and it's the homeowners police are trying to alert. Police were on the prowl Wednesday as they went door to door near Liberty Park.

School, police to debrief on response to North Davis school lockdowns

05/29/2013 8:17pm
Police and school administrators in Davis County will take a closer look at how they can better respond to dangerous situations after they got the practice from a prank call Tuesday that caused people a lot of heartache and stress.

UPD holds tryouts for high-pressure crisis negotiators

05/29/2013 8:20pm
In the event of a personal crisis — a mental breakdown, a hostage situation or a threat of suicide — who's in charge of keeping the community and individual safe? That responsibility lies with crisis negotiators, the men and women whose personality and training allow them to talk a person down, both literally and figuratively.

200 jobs created as F-22 Raptor operations consolidated at Hill AFB

05/29/2013 9:06pm
Roughly 200 new military and civilian jobs in Utah were created Wednesday when the U.S. Air Force announced the consolidation of depot maintenance for the F-22 Raptor at Hill Air Force Base.

Filming for Bible series in Goshen wraps up, actors share experience

05/29/2013 9:34pm
For three summers, hundreds of cast and crew have recreated scenes from the New Testament on a replica of Jerusalem. They are wrapping up filming for a series, but the set will be used again.

Cox family search for Susan Powell reaches Utah

05/29/2013 10:46pm
The search for missing West Valley mother Susan Cox Powell is back on inside the state of Utah. Susan's father, Chuck Cox, was in Tremonton Wednesday, continuing his personal search to find his daughter's body.

More Utahns killed by guns than traffic accidents; suicide plays major role

05/29/2013 11:09pm
New analysis shows that gun deaths outpaced motor vehicle deaths in Utah and a dozen other states in 2010. But the information seems to say more about public health and safety standards than it does about gun rights and restrictions.

Bear attack survivor trains for Kona Ironman

05/29/2013 11:19pm
Michael Dunn needs your vote to check an event off his bucket list.

Karl Malone announced as a coach for the Jazz

05/29/2013 11:20pm
Karl Malone and Greg Miller announced that Malone will be a coach for the Jazz this coming season working specifically with the big men.

Neglected horses saved from slaughter by passionate bidders

05/29/2013 11:59pm
After recovering from severe neglect this past winter, 40 horses will be auctioned by the Utah County Sheriff's Office tonight. Their final obstacle to a good home: slaughterhouse bidders.