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Man ignited house in attempt to kill wife, charges state

05/16/2013 7:35am
A man was charged Wednesday with attempted murder after police say he lit a house on fire to kill his wife.

Utah Symphony and Opera gives small performance to Alzheimer patients

05/16/2013 8:11am
Utah Symphony and Utah Opera musicians regularly perform in Abravanel Hall and the Capitol Theatre, but for the month of May they're taking their music on the road to help raise awareness of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Route to school across 114th South too dangerous, parents say

05/16/2013 8:33am
Some parents in a Salt Lake County neighborhood are happy about a new school opening near them but concerned about students getting there safely.

Police drone helps save injured car accident victim

05/16/2013 10:16am
Drones are more often recognized for striking rather than saving, but one drone helped track and rescue an injured driver when he disappeared after getting in a car accident.

Student with muscular dystrophy earns 3 degrees at 18 years old

05/16/2013 10:33am
It seems impossible to earn so many degrees all at once. But part of what compels 18-year-old Raymond Walter to work so hard is that he's not sure how much time he has left. Walter suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a disease which means his muscles are weak and wasting away.

If the Jazz are serious about winning an NBA title, they must do one thing — lose

05/16/2013 10:41am
If the Utah Jazz want to become legitimate NBA title contenders they need to do one thing: lose.

Rendering of Meridian Idaho LDS temple released

05/16/2013 11:15am
An artist's rendering of the LDS temple planned for Meridian, Idaho has been released. And, plans for a temple in Fort Collins, Colo., have been approved.

5 steps for effective policymakers

05/16/2013 11:49am
During the next several weeks the Republican and Democratic parties will hold their state organizing conventions. As citizens prepare to convene and shape leadership and policy, challenges faced should be noted.

Utah seeing boom in youth lacrosse

05/16/2013 11:54am
Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing youth sports in the nation and in the state of Utah.

Documentary remembers community of early South Temple

05/16/2013 12:11pm
Focusing on South Temple, a new documentary explores the "grand boulevard" of Salt Lake City. If you want to get out and experience it for yourself, though, we've compiled a list of five places to visit on South Temple.

5 reasons to see 'Star Trek Into Darkness' this weekend

05/16/2013 2:03pm
The much anticipated "Star Trek Into Darkness" is now in theaters. Here are five good spoiler-free reasons you should go see it this weekend.

Search for Susan Powell ends in Oregon — and overall search may be done, too

05/16/2013 2:17pm
The search for clues into the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell in Oregon ended Thursday. And police say their leads are now exhausted.

The Internet is not just for people anymore

05/16/2013 2:33pm
Increasingly, machines are using the Web to talk to people and even each other. Two Utah-based startup companies are helping make the objects around us smarter.

5 day trips to take with your family this weekend

05/16/2013 2:36pm
For those in Northern Utah who want to go somewhere new, we've compiled a list of five places where you can take a day trip and be back home by dinner.

Developers break ground on 2 downtown SLC hotels

05/16/2013 4:02pm
Real-estate developers are breaking ground on downtown Salt Lake City's first new hotels since a Hyatt Place was built in 2009.

5 greatest moments from 'The Office'

05/16/2013 4:44pm
After nine seasons the folks of "The Office" are calling it quits. In honor of the show's swan song, we put together five of the greatest moments from "The Office."

Volunteers build community garden for homeless vets

05/16/2013 5:47pm
An army of volunteers from Home Depot today built a community garden for homeless vets living in a Salt Lake apartment complex.

2 arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from teen sisters

05/16/2013 6:04pm
Two Orem men have been arrested after allegedly soliciting sex from two teenaged sisters.

Shootout occurs in middle of downtown SLC street

05/16/2013 6:06pm
No injuries have been reported after a shootout occurred Thursday near a Salt Lake City homeless shelter.

Additional investigation targets Utah AG

05/16/2013 6:07pm
Another investigation targeting the office of Utah's Attorney General has been confirmed, though officials have been careful not to specify any targets or what specific laws they're investigating.

Steven Powell won't be released May 23 after all

05/16/2013 6:30pm
Steven Powell will remain in prison for at least another month, and possibly longer, as Washington state law enforcement authorities work to secure a plan for where Powell will be once he's free.

16-foot deep sinkhole swallows part of I-80 near Wyoming border

05/16/2013 7:03pm
Orange barrels continue to pop up on roads all across Utah, but one interstate construction project wasn't even planned until a sinkhole swallowed a part of I-80. If you're heading to Wyoming, be careful.

Parents share story of young son who died from rare brain tumor

05/16/2013 7:41pm
A young couple from Sandy want to share the story of their little boy and his experience with brain cancer. They want other parents to know how quickly life can change.

'Nap interrupted' makes for perfectly imperfect Mother's Day

05/16/2013 8:00pm
Mother's Day is fantastic in theory but tricky in practice. That much was evident this past Sunday.

Man who attacked woman with machete sentenced to prison

05/16/2013 8:19pm
A Fort Duchesne man who admitted to attacking a woman in his home with a machete has been sentenced to prison.

New SL County police training simulator shocks 'shot' officers

05/16/2013 9:37pm
In light of recent events, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sam Gill wants better training for police officers here. The company who makes the training simulator says Gill is the first district attorney in the nation to buy one.

Health department conducting statewide scan for brain tumors

05/16/2013 9:43pm
Researchers at the Utah Department of Health are conducting a study to try and determine why Utah's rate of brain cancer and tumors is increasing.

Idaho man arrested in terrorism case with Utah ties

05/16/2013 10:12pm
Federal authorities in Idaho arrested an Uzbekistan national on federal terrorism charges Thursday. FBI agents in Utah say he also taught people to make bombs when he lived in Utah.

The Wave's stunning sights only seen by the luckiest hikers

05/16/2013 10:13pm
To see the world-renowned, almost unbelievable feature called "The Wave," you literally have to win the lottery. No special privileges for the news media, but our lucky KSL-TV crew made the cut.

One-of-a-kind flight crew recounts daring Kanarraville Falls rescue

05/16/2013 10:58pm
A 16-year-old boy fell 60 feet into a slot canyon and had to be hoisted out Wednesday afternoon. The Intermountain Healthcare Life Flight team that saved him is the only civilian EMS crew in the country trained to perform these kinds of rescues.

Man remains in coma following Uintah County assault

05/16/2013 11:39pm
Two witnesses to a brutal assault that left a Vernal man in a coma said Thursday that the attack outside a Uintah County convenience store appeared to be gang related.