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Relatives of ferry victims hope for papal boost

08/14/2014 12:10am
The relatives of some of the more than 300 people killed in an April ferry sinking are hoping Pope Francis' visit to South Korea will provide both solace for their anger and grief — and a boost in their struggle against the government.

India sets age limit for Krishna birthday pyramids

08/14/2014 8:02am
India's top court said Thursday that children as young as 12 can climb atop towering human pyramids in a popular Hindu celebration that has seen deaths and injuries in past years.

Former Md. church youth leader gets 40 years

08/14/2014 11:51am
A Las Vegas man convicted of sexually abusing boys while he was a youth leader at a church in Maryland in the 1980s has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Displaced Iraqis escape fighting, but not hardship

08/14/2014 12:51pm
Abbas Mohammed Habib was born into Iraq's rapidly expanding world of the displaced.

Pope's small car fascinates South Koreans

08/14/2014 12:51pm
Pope Francis' choice of wheels during his five-day South Korean visit has surprised many in this painfully self-conscious country, where big shots rarely hit the streets in anything but expensive luxury cars.

New Jersey man removes Islamic group-linked flag

08/14/2014 1:12pm
A New Jersey man took down a black flag with Arabic letters he's been flying outside his home for 10 years after complaints arose on Twitter about its association with Islamic militants.

Pope again tells someone he'll visit Philadelphia

08/14/2014 1:21pm
The pope has again told someone he would be visiting Philadelphia, but the archdiocese says he has yet to confirm his plans.

Pope's South Korea visit brings China opportunity

08/14/2014 8:10pm
Pope Francis' greeting to Chinese President Xi Jinping as he flew to South Korea on Thursday marked a rare cordial exchange between the sides, which have no diplomatic relations and are embroiled in a sometimes bitter contest for authority.

Pope makes tough sell on materialism in SKorea

08/14/2014 10:11pm
Pope Francis urged Catholic youth on Friday to renounce the materialism that afflicts much of Asian society today and reject "inhuman" economic systems that disenfranchise the poor, pressing his economic agenda in one of the region's powerhouses where financial gain is a key barometer of success.