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06/16/2014 1:31am

Pope, archbishop of Canterbury battle trafficking

06/16/2014 6:10am
Pope Francis and the archbishop of Canterbury denounced human trafficking as a crime against human dignity Monday and pledged to combat it jointly — finding common ground on a social issue amid deep theological divisions over the Anglicans' ordination of women bishops.

Justices reject appeal over graduations in church

06/16/2014 8:00am
The Supreme Court has left in place a court decision that said public high school graduations in a church adorned with religious symbols violated the separation of church and state.

3 Sri Lankan Muslims killed in attack by Buddhists

06/16/2014 8:41am
Hard-line Buddhists hurled gasoline bombs and looted homes and businesses in attacks in several Muslim towns in southwestern Sri Lanka, killing three Muslims and seriously wounding more than 50 people, authorities said Monday.

Pittsburgh diocese closing another K-8 school

06/16/2014 8:51am
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh is closing a second K-8 school in as many weeks due to declining enrollment.

Archaeologists seek site of Joseph Smith Sr's home

06/16/2014 12:16pm
An archaeological dig is underway in a tiny western Illinois community for the possible location of a home built for the father of the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Iraqi Christians flee homes amid militant push

06/16/2014 1:21pm
Over the past decade, Iraqi Christians have fled repeatedly to this ancient mountainside village, seeking refuge from violence, then returning home when the danger eased. Now they are doing it again as Islamic militants rampage across northern Iraq, but this time few say they ever want to go back to their homes.

Archbishop spurns appeals to skip marriage rally

06/16/2014 5:51pm
The Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco said Monday it's his duty to proclaim "the truth about marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife," even when those views are unpopular.

Religion rules at school approved by NC lawmakers

06/16/2014 6:21pm
A bill heading to Gov. Pat McCrory's desk attempts to make clear how public school students and staff can express religious beliefs.

Iraqi Christians flee homes amid militant push

06/16/2014 6:51pm
Iraqi Christians are fleeing to the Nineveh plain and the largely autonomous region of Kurdistan after fighters belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant swept over the city of Mosul and a broad swath of the country in the past week.

Giving increases for some sectors, not for others

06/16/2014 10:11pm
Wealthy donors are lavishing money on their favored charities, including universities, hospitals and arts institutions, while giving is flat to social service and church groups more dependent on financially squeezed middle-class donors, according to the latest comprehensive report on how Americans give away their money.