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Iranian coffee lovers flock to new wave of cafes

03/11/2014 1:20am
Shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek, young women and men sit next to each other while a thick film of cigarette smoke fills the dimly lit cafe in central Tehran. Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" blares from the speakers.

BYU appoints VP Kevin Worthen as new president

03/11/2014 12:01pm
Brigham Young University is appointing a new president.

Pope's Franciscans kick-start fundraising effort

03/11/2014 5:11pm
Pope Francis' namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, founded his order of mendicant friars in the 13th century after receiving a calling from God to "rebuild my church." Some 800 years later, St. Francis' followers are rebuilding his church in the ancient tradition of door-to-door begging that St. Francis championed — but with a very modern twist.

Abuse charges roil heavily Catholic Puerto Rico

03/11/2014 10:43pm
First, the Catholic Church announced it had defrocked six priests accused of sex abuse in the Puerto Rican town of Arecibo. Then, local prosecutors disclosed that at least 11 other priests on the island were under investigation for similar accusations.