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Utah polygamous family says going on TV liberating

03/09/2014 8:40am
The newest polygamous family from Utah on reality TV says sharing their story with a wide audience has been liberating.

Pope departs on bus for weeklong retreat

03/09/2014 1:40pm
Pope Francis has traveled to a retreat outside Rome aboard a bus with cardinals and bishops.

Syrian rebels release nuns held since December

03/09/2014 4:50pm
Lebanon's official news agency says Syrian rebels have released a group of about a dozen Greek Orthodox nuns who have been held since December.

Haiti's new cardinal celebrates first Mass

03/09/2014 5:42pm
Haiti's new Roman Catholic cardinal has celebrated his first Mass, telling an audience of several thousand people there is a need to show compassion for others.

Cardinal Dolan says church isn't called to conform to polls

03/09/2014 5:51pm
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the church's mission isn't to conform to popular opinion, but to call people to conform to what God teaches.