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New U. dorm to mimic Google headquarters, report says

07/21/2014 1:31pm
A new hub for entrepreneurial activity will soon be found on the University of Utah campus.

Feces transplants allow rats to change diet, U. study finds

07/21/2014 4:58pm
Woodrats from northern Utah were better able to eat toxic plants after receiving microbe-filled fecal transplants, according to a new study by the University of Utah. Researchers hope the finding will have positive implications for other Utah animals.

Nighttime 'bio-blitz' nets hundreds of environmentally challenged toads

07/21/2014 9:02pm
The boreal toad is considered by some to be a threatened species needing federal protection. But Utah officials who launched a night- time "bio-blitz" in a remote patch of desert discovered the toads are doing well in a very challenging environment.

Utah Olympic Oval to get solar energy makeover

07/21/2014 9:18pm
A new solar energy project at the Utah Olympic Oval announced Monday is expected to shave about $100,000 off the speedskating facility's annual $750,000 power bill.