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130K pages of local, rural newspapers added to digital archive

11/28/2013 3:48pm
With the recent addition of 130,000 pages from local and rural newspapers, the Utah Digital Newspapers archive now hosts 1.5 million pages of historic Utah newspapers.

Scientists: Sun-grazing comet likely broke up

11/28/2013 4:30pm
Once billed as the comet of the century, Comet ISON apparently was no match for the sun.

Huge Wyo. dinosaur skeleton fetches $650,000 at auction

11/28/2013 6:07pm
A huge dinosaur skeleton found in the United States has fetched 400,000 pounds (about $650,000) at an auction in England.

Tongue pierce lets the paralyzed drive wheelchairs

11/28/2013 9:44pm
An experimental device is letting paralyzed people drive wheelchairs simply by flicking their tongue in the right direction.