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Bird flu strain infects human for 1st time

11/15/2013 10:10am
A strain of bird flu that scientists thought could not infect people has shown up in a Taiwanese woman, a nasty surprise that shows scientists must do more to spot worrisome flu strains before they ignite a global outbreak, doctors say.

5 ways to combat flu in your home

11/15/2013 10:51am
Now that we are in the height of cold and flu season, it's time to defend yourself against the flu virus, starting with your home.

'Emergency' button orders pizzas

11/15/2013 4:00pm
Thanks to a new invention, hungry people can now order pizzas by hitting a button.

Senator pushes for social media 'eraser' in Utah

11/15/2013 7:09pm
A state senator hopes to allow teenagers to remove content on social media sites before potential colleges and employers see it.