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4 tips to cut back on excessive phone use

10/03/2013 9:20am
For the millions of smart phone users out there, hope is within reach. The compulsory need to constantly grab the the phone can be cured.

'iPosture' drives back pain in millenials, study says

10/03/2013 11:45am
A new study said slouching while texting and using computers is the reason why 84 percent of 18- 24 year olds reported experiencing back pain in the past 12 months.

'Silk Road' online drug market shut down by FBI

10/03/2013 5:09pm
The FBI shut down one of the largest online drug markets Monday after a two-year investigation.

Pills made from poop cure serious gut infections

10/03/2013 8:45pm
Hold your nose and don't spit out your coffee: Doctors have found a way to put healthy people's poop into pills that can cure serious gut infections — a less yucky way to do "fecal transplants."