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Teens shift from Facebook to other sites to avoid parents

06/17/2013 8:10am
Recent reports show that kids are leaving Facebook and going to sites their parents might not know too much about. One of the major sites teens are migrating to is Tumblr because parents aren't using it as much.

Everything you need to know about Facebook's hashtags

06/17/2013 11:33am
Facebook says new clickable hashtags will be an easier way to find and connect with conversations taking place across the social network and is rolling out functionality for the system in the coming weeks.

Utah research station simulates life on Mars

06/17/2013 11:42am
Research teams living and working at the Mars Desert Research Station have gathered valuable information that may one day be used if humans travel to Mars.

The Leonardo exhibits 101 inventions that changed the world

06/17/2013 7:53pm
Eight scientists chose creations that affected mankind in eight key time periods. The Leonardo curators call it an unforgettable multisensory experience, tying in the telephone, X-ray photography, TV and everything in between.

Google pledges $5M to rid Internet of child abuse images

06/17/2013 9:59pm
Google is amplifying its efforts to eradicate child abuse imagery on the Internet by committing millions of dollars to the global cause. The company has pledged $5 million to fight against child abuse images on Internet.