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Scientist accidentally discovers gold extraction method using cornstarch

05/15/2013 11:46am
Gold may be beautiful, elegant, and extremely valuable, but the process for extracting it is nasty, poisonous, expensive and inefficient.

5 shortcuts that will make your life easier

05/15/2013 11:48am
Out of all the online services available today, here are some of our favorites to save you time and make things easier.

2 Twitter accounts target gay, minority students at Lone Peak High

05/15/2013 8:07pm
Two anonymous Twitter accounts appear to target gay and minority students at Lone Peak High School, and the mother of one of the targeted students is speaking out against cyberbullying.

Viral video sticks it to Abercrombie & Fitch

05/15/2013 8:33pm
New backlash against Abercrombie & Fitch and its "exclusionary" CEO comes in the form of a viral video that asks viewers to make A&F the "No. 1 brand of homeless apparel" by donating the clothing to the homeless.