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Tales from the ER: Motorcycles

05/14/2013 11:17am
The warmer weather is upon us and that means more motorcycles on the road. As an ER nurse, it seems an almost-daily occurrence that we take care of someone involved in a motorcycle accident; some are minor but many are serious and tragic.

Mysterious fungus runs rampant in Southwest; Utah sees fewer cases

05/14/2013 5:33pm
A little-understood disease is on the rise in the nation's Southwest, leaving a few unlucky people with serious illness, including pneumonia and meningitis. However, Utah epidemiologists say Utah has so far missed the worst of it.

Keeping teens safe from 'dangerous' apps

05/14/2013 5:45pm
Some social media apps and websites may not be household names for everybody yet, but they are growing increasingly familiar to kids, teens and adults. Collectively they're raising concerns in parents and law enforcement alike.