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Minecraft game used in schools to teach kids, adults to build

02/15/2013 8:24am
There's no story line to it and the graphics are not that great. Despite that, over 9.3 million people have bought the PC or Mac versions of the game Minecraft. Now, some schools are starting to use it in class.

My classmate, the robot: NY pupil attends remotely

02/15/2013 8:27am
In an elementary school hallway, a teacher takes her second-graders to the library, leading a single-file line of giggling boys and girls that's perfectly ordinary until you get to a sleek white robot with a video screen showing the face of a smiling, chubby-cheeked boy.

Why are spiders falling from the sky in Brazil?

02/15/2013 6:08pm
When leaving an engagement party, there might be a couple things you'd expect to see in the air: A balloon or two; A champagne cork returning to the earth after celebratory drinks. Looking into the sky only to see thousands of spiders dangling from the power lines is not near the top of the list.