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The new gigantic prime number, and why you should care

02/08/2013 8:56am
On Wednesday, a prime number with 17 million digits was announced, The question is: Why does it matter? What's the big deal about primes? That's an immensely huge number, but why should anyone care?

150-foot asteroid will buzz Earth, no need to duck

02/08/2013 9:35am
A 150-foot-wide asteroid will come remarkably close to Earth next week, even closer than high-flying communication and weather satellites. It will be the nearest known flyby for an object of this size.

Civil War-era baseball found at battlefield unveiled

02/08/2013 12:10pm
A baseball found in the 19th century at the site of the Battle of Shiloh has been unveiled prior to the opening of a new baseball museum and archive on Opening Day.