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9 options for cutting cable and saving money

01/30/2013 10:26am
With prices only raising for cable and satellite, cutting cable is on a lot of people's minds. Although there is nothing that can completely replicate the full experience of having cable, with the streaming services and technology today, you can come close.

Bystander effect leads to poor patient care

01/30/2013 11:46am
Two residents of Yale Medical School give insight and explain how the bystander effect has become a pressing issue in treatment. It affects care providers and patients. They offer a resource to the medical community in the latest from the NEJM.

RIM changes name to BlackBerry, unveils 2 phones

01/30/2013 5:42pm
After lengthy delays, Research In Motion Ltd. unveiled its first two phones with the new BlackBerry 10 system. The Q10 will have a physical keyboard, while the Z10 has only a touch-screen keyboard. RIM says it will also change its name to BlackBerry to maintain a single brand. It will have the ticker symbol "BBRY" on the Nasdaq Stock Market.