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Efficient, flexible lights may replace fluorescent

12/25/2012 8:01am
FIPEL just might become an acronym you hear more and more frequently as you redecorate your home or replace those antiquated fluorescent light bulbs. Field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology seems like a perfect candidate to take over the lighting industry.

German scientists seek to clone perfect Christmas trees

12/25/2012 9:52am
The hunt for the perfect Christmas tree may soon become a lot easier: just pick a nice clone.

Ultra-thin solar cell could be woven into clothing; generate power for wearer

12/25/2012 12:11pm
In the not-so-distant future, clothing may provide solar power for your mobile devices.

Study: Compound in broccoli can kill leukemia cells in children

12/25/2012 2:01pm
Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts contain a compound that could cure leukemia cells, researchers found.

Whale thought extinct for 2 million years found

12/25/2012 6:03pm
Researchers have discovered that a type of whale so rare it was thought to have been extinct for 2 million years still lives.