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Utah runner who led Boston Marathon for a time shares his story

04/23/2014 10:26am
Utah runner Seth Wold found himself leading the Boston Marathon for the first 2.5 miles, making many spectators wonder who he was. When he faded back, finishing in 927th place, it left even more wondering why he did what he did. Here is his story.

8 tips for 8 weeks of Half Ironman training

04/23/2014 11:31am
This article is following the story of twin sisters going from novice to Half Ironman competitors with just 10 weeks of training. Learn about their progression, training tips, and things they have learned along the way.

Utah ranks low in use of local food, farmers markets

04/23/2014 8:22pm
How easy is it to eat local in Utah? A Vermont-based group has released a ranking of states, called the Locavore Index, which ranks the states based on availability of local food. Utah falls in the bottom 10. Here are some ways to help improve.