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You're ingesting more plastic than you think; here's what to do about it

04/18/2013 11:57am
By now you know that BPA is bad news and have probably taken steps to avoid it, but do you really know how much plastic you're still consuming? It's more than you think, but there are easy precautions to help you stay safe.

6 places to teach your child about family, cultural history

04/18/2013 1:38pm
How can you prepare a child to face challenges? Tell them family stories, suggests some research. For those who want a way to spark conversation or further their knowledge of their family's history or culture, we compiled a list of six places in Utah you could visit to learn about your past.

Could fame lead to earlier death? Study says yes

04/18/2013 3:54pm
The famous die young, a small study claims.

Men not wired to read women's emotions, researchers say

04/18/2013 8:34pm
Whether it's a result of nature or nurture, scientists say men can't read women's emotions, but they are superior in understanding other men's.