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Video: Son surprises mother with 'dream car'

08/14/2014 8:29am
A son who saved for a year was able to surprise his mother with the dream car she has told him about since he was a child. And he's reminding people to do something nice, however small, for their parents.

New Cheerios ad shows viewers 'How to Dad'

08/14/2014 11:22am
A recent ad for Peanut Butter Cheerios is going against the grain (and I don't mean adding peanut butter). As opposed to other ads portraying dad as the incompetent, unfit parent, Cheerio's ad shows Dad to be "awesome."

Some polygamous families face eviction over fees

08/14/2014 5:50pm
Fourteen families who live in a community once controlled by polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs could be evicted from their homes on the Utah-Arizona border in the coming weeks if they don't begin paying a $100-a-month fee to authorities appointed to oversee their property.

10 questions every engaged couple should discuss

08/14/2014 8:28pm
Going into marriage, we want to have all the answers, but it may be more important to focus on the right questions. Here are 10 questions every engaged couple should discuss before they are married.

Get back to the basics at back-to-school time

08/14/2014 9:14pm
Make a few quick changes to organize a routine, find your focus and create marital appreciation to make the summer-to-fall transition smoother and happier.