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5 ground rules for a better marriage

05/19/2014 6:15am
"My marriage is falling apart and it is so painful. There are years of resentment between us and we are basically just living together without intimacy or connection. I can't seem to forgive my husband for his past wrongs and even feel attracted to him. Are we a lost cause?" Coach Kim explains the five steps you must take if you want to improve, save or repair your marriage.

Family petitions FDA for experimental cancer treatment

05/19/2014 7:20pm
A local family's endeavor to treat their toddler's fast-growing brain cancer has led them to apply for the emergency use of an investigational new drug.

How to treat irritating (and sometimes dangerous) hangnails

05/19/2014 9:03pm
Do you have hangnails? You're not alone. These annoying, sometimes painful, torn pieces of skin at the root of your fingernails or toenails are very common. They can also become very dangerous if not treated correctly.