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Students' anti-bullying program becomes popular with younger kids

05/01/2014 6:55am
An anti-bullying program from a school in the Jordan School District is becoming increasingly popular with elementary school kids.

7 essential skills every parent should teach their child

05/01/2014 3:22pm
Whether it's for college, travel, humanitarian or religious service, as parents we can decrease stress and increase a smooth transition for our children by using anticipation and the Basic 7: cook, clean, clothes, cash, car, communication and coping skills.

Emotional affairs, part 2: Recovery in the aftermath

05/01/2014 7:28pm
The second part of the Emotional Affairs series covers steps a couple can take to recover from and cope with an emotional affair.

Mother's 'nightmare' becomes 'a wonderful dream' after son found safe

05/01/2014 8:28pm
A 14-year-old Clearfield boy with a mild form of autism was found safe Thursday morning after he had been missing for about 16 hours.