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School gives prescription medication to wrong kid

03/05/2014 9:28am
A Kentucky third-grader was recovering after getting medicine at school that was supposed to go to a classmate, even though he questioned it.

Woman goes into E.R. for stomach pains, leaves with surprise baby

03/05/2014 12:13pm
An Indiana woman went into the E.R. Friday night expecting to have an emergency appendectomy after she had a sudden onset of severe stomach pains. Instead of surgery, she ended up with a surprise baby boy.

Pregnant mom drives van full of kids into ocean, rescuer says

03/05/2014 4:01pm
A pregnant mother who allegedly drove a minivan with her kids into the ocean on Tuesday was interviewed by the police for hours before the incident happened and spoke about demons.

Wednesday's Child: Josh and Chris

03/05/2014 8:09pm
It's a heartbreaking reality, but siblings living in foster care can't always stay together. That's why KSL 5 TV teamed up with the Adoption Exchange to introduce you to two brothers looking for one permanent home.

6 reasons to change up your reading routine with short fiction

03/05/2014 8:34pm
If you are accustomed to reading novels, step out of your comfort zone and stretch your reading muscles with some fascinating and incredibly well-written short fiction.

Artist plans to create line of true-to-life 'Barbie' dolls

03/05/2014 9:43pm
In an effort to change the way the world views idealism in the female figure, an artist is working to produce a more realistic doll for young children.