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Bill offering financial help for infertility advances

02/25/2014 8:31am
A bill is moving forward on Utah's Capitol Hill that would allow insurance companies to pay for infertility treatments for married couples.

Have You Seen This? Mission-control dad

02/25/2014 1:12pm
Father's Day is still a few months away, but one dad has just made all the rest of the dads in the world look like amateurs.

The Atlantic, Deseret News collaborate on The Father Factor series

02/25/2014 3:01pm
Media insiders noted the launch this week of an unlikely collaboration between The Atlantic and the Deseret News. Each organization is contributing two stories to a four-part series called The Father Factor.

Acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to 'ADHD-like behaviors,' study says

02/25/2014 6:55pm
A new study out of Denmark suggests the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy could be associated with ADHD-like behavioral problems in children.

SLC paramedics save baby with toy lodged in throat

02/25/2014 7:13pm
Two Salt Lake City paramedics exhibited grace under pressure over the weekend when they saved the life of a 6-month- old boy in what many would consider an extremely stressful situation.

Tips on removing 8 tough, common stains

02/25/2014 7:29pm
Whether it be grass, red liquids or permanent marker, stubborn stains on your favorite clothes can ruin them if you don't act fast. Don't just spray on stain remover, throw in the washer and hope for the best — try these tips for getting out the toughest stains.

Should you ask permission before posting photos of kids on Facebook?

02/25/2014 8:28pm
Should you keep pictures of your kids off Facebook until they are old enough to have their own account? People are just starting to talk about the concept digital boundaries. Of course other parents ask permission to take your kids to the park or even give them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But do they ask if it's OK to post photos of your kid online?

Utah Supreme Court reverses decision about father's rights in adoption case

02/25/2014 8:29pm
The Supreme Court of Utah ruled Tuesday that a district court judge should not have dismissed a biological father's challenge to the Utah Adoption Act.