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Parents of kids who overdosed share words of hope

02/13/2014 10:34am
Families of young people who died from drug overdoses are telling their stories in hope of helping other Utah families realize they are not alone.

5 ways technology snags teenagers' attention

02/13/2014 11:45am
Teenagers are the target market for many businesses as they sell their products and seek teenage users.

Wednesday's Child: Alden

02/13/2014 7:07pm
Alden is 10 year-old by we first introduced you to one year ago. He has officially been adopted by a family who saw him featured on "Wednesday's Child" on KSL TV.

Infertility requires a changing dynamic in friendships

02/13/2014 8:35pm
Infertility not only effects the couple, but it impacts friendships. Understanding the emotional implications of infertility can help friendships remain supportive and nourishing.