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Repair your marriage: Part 1

01/06/2014 6:37am
This is the first in a five-part series on improving your marriage. In this article, Coach Kim helps you to see your marriage problems from a different perspective, and as always, this changes everything.

Do families seen on TV reflect the families of today?

01/06/2014 9:30am
Experts say that although directors and producers try to model their shows after what they believe is the modern-day family, most times exaggeration and an unwillingness to stay realistic make TV families a shell of normality.

Sexting starts as young as 12, study says

01/06/2014 8:31pm
Sexting starts as young as 12 years old for some kids, a new study says. Study authors said adolescents who participated in such messages were more likely to engage in other sexual acts.

As cohabitation gains favor, shotgun weddings fade

01/06/2014 8:38pm
No longer taboo, living together has become a more common arrangement for America's couples who become pregnant while dating.

U.S. Supreme Court puts Utah same-sex marriage on hold

01/06/2014 9:25pm
The U.S. Supreme Court put the brakes on same-sex marriage in Utah on Monday, setting up a legal battle in federal appeals court that could eventually wend its way back to the high court.