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From Don Draper to Walter White, can kids handle these complex characters?

11/04/2013 11:14am
Recent television shows, movies and plays have explored the backstories of beloved villains, while TV continues to celebrate the anti-hero. What are the consequences of society embracing these characters, and what do they reflect about our culture?

Mayor wants to 'lead by example' with plan to cover autism treatment

11/04/2013 7:01pm
Treatment for autism spectrum disorders would be covered for Salt Lake County employees' children under a budget proposal by Mayor Ben McAdams. He says it's not only the right thing to do, but also a way to lead by example for other governments and businesses.

Signs, symptoms, and a simple checklist for teen-onset depression

11/04/2013 7:54pm
If your teen is having emotional swings, it may simply be what is normal today for a teen growing up. But there's a chance he has a deeper problem, and you should stay on top of the matter.