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Sunday Edition: Eliminating the family child tax exemption

09/22/2013 9:09am
A closer look at a plan to raise money for schools by eliminating the family child tax exemption. Plus, we will discuss Lt. Gov. Bell stepping down from office and the expansion of the 80 mph zone.

WWII soldier's letter finally reaches daughter

09/22/2013 9:37am
A World War II soldier's heartfelt letter to his daughter has finally reached her, seven decades after it was written.

Family photo goes awry; no babies were harmed

09/22/2013 12:22pm
A photo featuring a baby tumbling from the arms of a mother in a family portrait is bringing online fame to a couple and photographer originally from Utah. This is what happens when a whoopsie-daisy moment goes viral.

What does it really mean to be a 'Supermom?'

09/22/2013 7:25pm
In recent articles and blog posts, many women are denouncing the "Supermom" mentality, while others are taking it on full-force. Why all the fuss over such an inherently good term? What does it really mean to be a "Supermom?"