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Having 4 kids is less stressful than having 3, survey finds

05/08/2013 8:37am
A survey of more than 7,000 U.S. mothers found that mothers with four or more children report lower stress levels than those with few children. They dubbed it the Duggar effect.

5 Mother's Day gifts that won't collect dust

05/08/2013 10:53am
If your mom is like mine, she already has everything she really wants. Adding to her cadre of collections seems more like giving her one more item to dust. Here are five gift ideas that are sure to make any mom feel like the queen bee.

The magic formula for taking kids grocery shopping and liking it

05/08/2013 7:32pm
A little imagination led to the most amazing grocery store trip in the history of my motherhood. I credit my discovery of what I call "the magic formula" and it's ability to make a grocery store run with kids in tow fun.