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Giant wheelchair swing built for twins with cerebral palsy

05/07/2013 11:10am
James and Libby Waechter, 12-year-old twins from Colorado both born with cerebral palsy, have never experienced what it's like to swing. Confined to wheelchairs, they are bound to the Earth in a way that most children are not.

Mothers give advice for new parents

05/07/2013 3:44pm
Maybe it's a trick up their sleeve, or something learned long after their children were grown, but they seem to have all the answers to life's practical questions.

Being a mom is just hard

05/07/2013 7:48pm
Motherhood life lesson No. 3: With sleep deprivation, continual frustrations and multiple roles to fill, sometimes motherhood is just plain hard.

Mother dies unexpectedly after giving birth to sixth child

05/07/2013 9:29pm
Katrina Galbraith Lawrence, passed away at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center after delivering her sixth child. Her family said she began to experience complications associated with placenta previa and accreta when she was five months pregnant.