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Mom leaves infant alone in car with note to passers-by

03/27/2013 7:31am
A mom in New Zealand locked her newborn baby in her car while she did her grocery shopping — but she left a note to passers-by with her phone number, just in case.

Many babies eating solid foods too soon, study says

03/27/2013 8:39am
Introducing infants to solid foods too soon can have harmful side effects, which is why a new study saying many babies are eating solids earlier than recommended is disturbing to health care professionals.

Free yourself by mastering the art of defining your roles

03/27/2013 7:42pm
As our schedules begin to fill up with spring activities, we can start to get overwhelmed. This MOMentity article highlights the importance of mastering the art of defining our roles and freeing up space on our calendar.