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Talking to curious teens about pornography

02/04/2013 6:15am
This week in LIFEadvice: Coach Kim address this scary topic for parents. Teenagers, more than ever before, are using the Internet to learn about sex. You can approach this topic with your kids the right way.

PTSD affects both veterans and their children

02/04/2013 8:21am
Recent reports show that efforts to help veterans in need of crisis intervention are working. But what kind of an effect can a veteran's physical or emotional disorders have on their children?

3rd grade increasingly important to students' success

02/04/2013 5:30pm
Educators are increasingly concerned about the third grade. Research shows if kids are not at grade level by then, the effects could ripple throughout the rest of their lives.

Concerns over essential oils explained

02/04/2013 8:55pm
I received an overwhelming response from last week's Mommy Medicine column on the pros and cons of essential oil use. Because of that, I feel it necessary to clarify some of my statements and detail my concerns.