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Wednesday's Child: Katie

01/16/2013 7:09pm
It's a simple wish. A family of her own. Parents to love and who love her in return. 16-year-old Katie desperately wants a family of her own.

A mother's superpower might just be found on her pillow

01/16/2013 7:35pm
A good night's sleep is hard to come by at my house, and it has been for years. While most mothers probably feel the same way, sleep is so important. In fact, it just might be the superpower you've been looking for.

Guns in the Home: Tips for resolving divisive issue

01/16/2013 7:40pm
A lot of families are divided over packing heat in the house, and finding common ground can take years. So, what can you do to make it an easier process?

Family adopting 3 sisters from Ukraine discover 2 more siblings

01/16/2013 8:34pm
While in the course of adopting three sisters from a Ukrainian orphanage, Jay and Arin Jones from Santaquin, Utah, discovered their potential daughters have two more sisters.