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Mary Richards



Mary has had an early wake-up call for KSL NewsRadio since July 2002. She dreamed of being in a newsroom when her parents showed her "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." She knew she had to work in radio when she moved to St. Louis as a teenager and heard the clear tones of KMOX. That experience also made her a Cardinals fan for life.

She graduated from BYU in Broadcast Journalism, which has made her a Cougars fan for life. Mary did an internship with ABC's 20/20 in New York City. While at BYU she won several awards for her work. Since then she has also been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Utah Broadcasters Association.

Mary loves telling stories and meeting people. She has been to Haiti for KSL NewsRadio, and has interviewed everyone from Tom Ridge and Donald Rumsfeld, to Nick Lachey and Michael Phelps. She has also stuck her microphone in front of babies, dogs, sheep and reindeer. Anything for the story!

Mary and her husband JB are the parents of four young sons. They keep her on her toes! She loves naps, movies and books, traveling with her husband and playing with her boys.

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Twitter: @kslmrichards

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