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Baby gorilla badly injured in family skirmish at Seattle zoo

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 3:00pm

A baby gorilla was badly injured at a Seattle zoo on Saturday when he was caught in a skirmish between his family group members, zookeepers said.

What parents should know about coronavirus as kids return to babysitters, day cares and camps

Marshall Allen, Megan Rose and Caroline Chen, Propublica  |  Posted May 24th - 2:33pm

You never planned on raising kids during a pandemic, and there are no easy decisions. ProPublica scoured the latest research and talked to seven infectious disease and public health experts to help think through the issues facing parents.

Critics chide Virginia governor for mask-less beach visit

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 2:11pm

Gov. Ralph Northam has repeatedly urged Virginia residents to cover their faces in public during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Democrat didn’t heed his own plea when he posed mask-less for photographs alongside residents during a weekend beach visit.

Police arrest Utah man suspected of killing his Tinder date

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 1:09pm

A Utah man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of murder after police say he told authorities he killed a 25-year-old woman he had met on the popular dating app Tinder.

2 dead, 10 injured in multiple St. Louis shootings

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 12:11pm

Two men died and 10 other people were injured in multiple shootings Sunday in St. Louis.

Minivan crashes into Florida liquor store, injuring 3 people

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 10:48am

A minivan crashed into a Publix liquor store in Florida, injuring an employee and a customer and leaving many broken bottles.

As nation approaches 100,000 dead, NY continues downtrend

Brian Mahoney, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 10:24am

The daily coronavirus death toll increased slightly though the trend continues down, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday.

National parks hope visitors comply with virus measures

Mead Gruver, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 10:15am

A man pets a wild bison on the head. Rescuers pull a treasure seeker from a snowy canyon. A woman taking photos stumbles into scalding water.

Former US Rep. Allen West recovering after Texas crash

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 10:14am

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West of Florida was recovering Sunday after suffering a concussion, several fractured bones and cuts in a motorcycle crash in Texas, according to a post on his Facebook page.

Thousands wait to take US citizenship oath amid virus delays

Philip Marcelo, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 9:54am

Wendy De Los Santos passed the test to become a U.S. citizen just days before government offices shut down nationwide because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Man, 20, charged in nursing home assault recorded on video

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 9:50am

A 20-year-old Detroit nursing home patient was charged Sunday with beating his 75-year-old roommate in an assault that authorities say the younger man recorded on his cellphone and posted on social media.

Seniors get diplomas on racetracks, chairlifts amid virus

Michelle L. Price and Lisa Rathke, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 9:37am

Immediately after giving his valedictorian speech, high school senior Philip Root, still clad in his cap and gown, climbed into a borrowed race car and drove up to the finish line at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Illinois child welfare employee investigated after boy dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 9:21am

Illinois prosecutors are investigating a former child welfare agency employee who supervised an abuse claim involving a 5-year-old suburban Chicago boy later found beaten to death, documents show.

CDC, states' reporting of virus test data causes confusion

Michelle R. Smith, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 8:46am

Elected officials, businesses and others are depending on coronavirus testing and infection-rate data as states reopen so that they will know if a second wave of contagion is coming — and whether another round of stay-at-home orders or closings might be needed.

Heading back to the gym? Doctors explain how to stay safe

Kelli Kennedy, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 8:36am

Are some workouts, like yoga or spinning classes, less safe than others? Should I wear a mask? Do I need more than six-feet apart in cardio classes where there's panting and heavy breathing?

Smaller classes, online reservations new norm as gyms reopen

Kelli Kennedy, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 8:32am

Mike Weeks and his wife are fitness junkies. During quarantine, they tried home workouts — push-ups, planks, bike riding around town — but it wasn’t the same. The semi-retired oil and gas explorer longed for his old gym routine. “To say I missed it immensely is an understatement."

Coronavirus slams couple struggling to feed young daughter

Ellen Knickmeyer and Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 8:10am

The back door clicked shut behind him and he faced the brick walls of the alley. Roberto, one of tens of millions of newly laid off U.S. workers desperate to make ends meet in the pandemic, struggled with his emotions, upset at being steered to the clinic’s rear exit.

Memorial Day even more poignant as veterans die from virus

R.j. Rico, Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 8:03am

One was a 94-year-old veteran of World War II who was the first of his 11 brothers to enlist in the military. One was a Vietnam veteran who lost his leg overseas and was always touched when people thanked him for his service. Another was drafted into the military at 18 and won a Purple Heart.

Coronavirus updates: 132 new cases in Utah Sunday Staff  |  Posted May 24th - 7:08am

Here are the latest coronavirus-related updates from Utah and around the world.