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Trump swings behind massive budget; big military increase

Andrew Taylor and Lisa Mascaro, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 5:02pm

Congressional leaders all but finalized a sweeping $1.3 trillion budget bill Wednesday that substantially boosts military and domestic spending but leaves behind young immigrant "Dreamers," deprives President Donald Trump some of his border wall money and takes only incremental steps to addresses gun violence.

Arizona high court won't block vote on school voucher law

Bob Christie, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 5:02pm

Public school supporters won a major victory Wednesday in their bid to block Arizona's massive school voucher expansion law when the state Supreme Court ruled voters could decide the issue in November.

Human remains found at Texas chemical plant explosion site

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 4:59pm

Human remains have been found in the wreckage of a North Texas chemical plant nearly a week after a worker went missing following an explosion and fire.

Hundreds of Kentucky teachers rally to oppose benefit cuts

Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 4:46pm

Hundreds of Kentucky teachers flexed their political muscle with a rally Wednesday outside the state Capitol, seeking to bury a proposed pension overhaul and win more state education funding from lawmakers.

Snyder to get bill banning antidepressant tianeptine sodium

Alice Yin, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 4:43pm

Michigan's Legislature passed what a law enforcement official described as the U.S.'s first statewide ban on the antidepressant tianeptine sodium.

Facebook's Zuckerberg admits mistakes _ but no apology

Barbara Ortutay, Danica Kirka and Gregory Katz, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 4:08pm

Breaking five days of silence, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted mistakes and outlined steps to protect user data in light of a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining firm.

Fed raises key rate and foresees 2 more hikes this year

Martin Crutsinger, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 4:04pm

The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate Wednesday in a vote of confidence in the U.S. economy's durability while signaling that it plans to continue a gradual approach to rate hikes for 2018 under its new chairman, Jerome Powell.

Elon Musk's Tesla pay package could net him $50 billion

Tom Krisher, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 4:02pm

Shareholders of electric car and solar panel maker Tesla Inc. have approved an ambitious pay package for iconic CEO Elon Musk that could net him more than $50 billion if he meets lofty milestones over the next decade.

Herbert signs bill that could raise marriage license fees

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:57pm

Some couples tying the knot in Utah will have to pay more for their marriage license later this year unless they undergo counseling, thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Gary Herbert.

US to consider Pacific Trade re-entry after other priorities

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:54pm

The United States will consider rejoining a sweeping free trade agreement of Pacific Rim countries after it deals with other priorities, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday.

Some Vermont rural cell service, including 911, could end

Lisa Rathke, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:49pm

Some rural areas of Vermont, including several schools and a hospital, are likely to lose cellphone coverage and the capacity to call 911 by mobile phone, in a matter of days due to the provider's financial troubles, state officials said Wednesday.

Background check measure on guns included in spending bill

Matthew Daly, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:49pm

A modest measure strengthening the federal background check system for gun purchases will be included in the $1.3 trillion government spending bill being negotiated by congressional leaders, aides said Wednesday.

Vigil for Florida bridge-collapse victims draws tears, gasps

Jason Dearen, Jennifer Kay and Josh Replogle, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:42pm

Hundreds of Florida International University students held a vigil Wednesday to remember the six victims who died in a pedestrian bridge collapse near campus.

Texas liquor stores to appeal Walmart booze sales ruling

Michael Graczyk, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:29pm

Walmart's legal victory allowing it to sell hard liquor in Texas doesn't mean people in the state will be able to go out and buy bottles of vodka and gin at the retail giant's stores anytime soon.

Meredith plans to eliminate 1,000 jobs with Time Inc. merger

David Pitt, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:24pm

Magazine and broadcasting company Meredith laid off an additional 200 workers on Wednesday and announced it would eliminate another 1,000 jobs over the next 10 months as it integrates the operations of Time Inc., which it bought six weeks ago.

Stocks wobble and end lower after Fed raises interest rates

Marley Jay, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:14pm

After a jittery afternoon of trading, major U.S. stock indexes fell Wednesday while smaller companies fared better. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, as investors expected, and said it could raise rates at a quicker pace next year.

Steve Wynn gives notice he could sell his Wynn Resort shares

Regina Garcia Cano, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:12pm

Former Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn has taken a key step that would allow him to sell all of his stock in the casino-operating company, the company announced Wednesday.

Obama campaign advisers say they used Facebook data properly

Ken Thomas, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:12pm

President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign mined supporters' personal data from Facebook to benefit its voter turnout program. But former campaign officials said Wednesday they accessed and used the information in vastly different ways than Cambridge Analytica, the firm connected to President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign accused of improperly lifting data on 50 million Facebook users.

Crisis experts say Facebook has mishandled the data scandal

Mae Anderson, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:02pm

The crisis-management playbook is pretty simple: Get ahead of the story, update authorities and the public regularly, accept responsibility and take decisive action. Crisis-management experts say that until Wednesday, Facebook was 0-for-4.

Trump pushing Europe to fix Iran deal he may blow up anyway

Josh Lederman and Matthew Lee, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 21st - 3:00pm

Trump administration negotiators have a tough sales job as they pressure European allies to accept new restrictions to "fix" the Iran nuclear deal: Even if the Europeans agree, President Donald Trump may blow up the deal anyway.