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Maker of OxyContin reaches $270M settlement in Oklahoma

Ken Miller and Geoff Mulvihill, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 1:13pm

The maker of OxyContin and the company's controlling family agreed to pay $270 million to Oklahoma on Tuesday to settle allegations they helped set off the nation's deadly opioid crisis with their aggressive marketing of the powerful painkiller.

Tennessee counties eye vote paper trail; state stays neutral

Jonathan Mattise, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 1:03pm

Amid growing national concerns about election security, Tennessee's three largest counties plan to begin using voting machines that produce a verifiable paper trail in time for the presidential primaries in March 2020, whether the Republican-led state requires it or not.

Georgia joins effort to fund menstrual products in schools

Sanya Mansoor, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 12:49pm

Every weekday at a middle school near Atlanta, a half-dozen or so students visit the school nurse to get sanitary pads.

Oklahoma attorney general confirms $270M settlement with Purdue Pharma in lawsuit over drugmaker's role in opioid crisis

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 12:41pm

Oklahoma attorney general confirms $270M settlement with Purdue Pharma in lawsuit over drugmaker's role in opioid crisis.

California crab fisheries to close early to protect whales

Olga R. Rodriguez, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 12:24pm

California crab fisheries will close for the season in April when whales are feeding off the state's coast as part of an effort to keep Dungeness crab fishery gear from killing protected whales.

Lawsuit: Sater looked to launder cash through Trump projects

Michael R. Sisak, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 12:14pm

A Soviet-born convicted felon who worked on real estate deals with President Donald Trump was accused in a lawsuit Monday of plotting to use Trump-branded skyscrapers to launder money allegedly stolen from a Kazakhstan bank.

Hundreds file claims in wake of Texas petrochemical fire

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 11:57am

An executive for the Houston-area petrochemical storage facility that was heavily damaged by fire says the company has received hundreds of compensation claims seeking lost wages and other damages.

Perry defends plan for Nevada nuclear-waste storage site

Ellen Knickmeyer, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 11:27am

Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Tuesday defended the Trump administration's plans to collect and store nuclear waste from around the country in a site northwest of Las Vegas, saying the current system of scattered storage sites in dozens of states was unacceptable.

Boo light special? Market defends self against ghost claim

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 11:21am

A New England supermarket chain is spiriting away rumors that one of its stores is haunted.

Mine operator cited for fatality at Nevada gold mine

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 11:16am

An Idaho-based mine operator has been issued a citation for a death that occurred after a roof collapsed at its Nevada gold mine.

ASUS acknowledges computers infected by auto-update virus

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 11:09am

The Taiwanese computer company ASUS is acknowledging that suspected nation-state hackers planted malware on its online automatic update service in a sophisticated and targeted espionage operation.

China suspends license of Canadian canola company

Rob Gillies, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 11:07am

China has suspended the license of a second major Canadian canola exporter, a blow to a $2 billion export sector that is widely seen as retaliation for Canada's arrest of a top executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei.

US targets 'vast network' for evading Iran sanctions

Matthew Lee, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 10:50am

The Trump administration moved Tuesday to break up a group of Iranian-linked companies that has transferred around $1 billion to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions on the country.

Pioneering medical drone program takes off in North Carolina

Jonathan Drew, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 10:39am

A pioneering use of drones to fly blood samples across a North Carolina hospital campus launched Tuesday in the latest move to expand their roles in business and health care.

Norway avalanche kills 2 people in construction machines

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 10:37am

Norwegian police say an avalanche in northern Norway has killed two people.

Nevada lifting horse quarantines ordered for herpes virus

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 10:36am

Nevada agriculture officials say they will lift by the end of the week all quarantines ordered after three horses tested positive for an equine herpes virus.

German magazine ordered to pull claims about Iranian group

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 10:32am

A German court has ordered weekly magazine Der Spiegel to pull passages from an article that said an exiled Iranian opposition group engaged in "torture" and "psychoterror," saying the article didn't support the allegations.

AP source: OxyContin maker reaches $270M settlement with Oklahoma over prescription painkiller's role in opioid crisis

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 9:55am

AP source: OxyContin maker reaches $270M settlement with Oklahoma over prescription painkiller's role in opioid crisis.

US ratchets up dispute with Venezuela's Maduro at WTO body

Jamey Keaten, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 9:39am

The United States on Tuesday blocked a meeting of the World Trade Organization's dispute body, gumming up its operations over the Trump administration refusal to recognize the government of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

Fuel prices, the US dollar take off, and drag on Carnival

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 26th - 9:09am

Carnival slashed its profit expectations for the year with rising fuel costs and a strong dollar squeezing the cruise company.