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Iowa appeals judge's ruling on undercover ag workers law

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 3:01pm

The state of Iowa is appealing a federal judge's ruling last month that found unconstitutional a 2012 law that made it illegal to get a job at a livestock farm to conduct animal cruelty undercover investigations.

Ford begins probe into whether gas mileage was overstated

Tom Krisher, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 2:31pm

Ford Motor Co. has launched an investigation into whether it overstated gas mileage and understated emissions from a wide range of vehicles.

UN says North Korea has asked for help on food shortages

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 2:17pm

The United Nations says North Korea's government has asked for help from international humanitarian groups to combat food shortages.

USA Today editor apologizes for yearbook blackface photo

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 2:08pm

The editor of USA Today apologized Thursday for an image portraying blackface that was published in the Arizona State University yearbook on her watch.

Idaho budget writers OK 3.8 percent corrections budget boost

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 2:06pm

The Idaho Department of Corrections is on track to receive a 3.8 percent budget increase next year under a spending plan approved by legislative budget writers on Thursday.

Nestle, AT&T pull YouTube ads over pedophile concerns

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 1:54pm

Several companies, including AT&T and Nestle, are pulling advertisements from YouTube over concerns about inappropriate comments on videos of children.

Zion's freak injury ripples in basketball, business worlds

Joedy McCreary, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 1:39pm

Soon after Zion Williamson's shoe ripped apart, Nike's stock price took a hit.

Rural Kansas lawmakers push Farm Bureau health coverage plan

John Hanna, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 1:05pm

Rural state lawmakers are pushing a plan to allow the Kansas Farm Bureau to offer health insurance coverage to members without having to comply with federal Affordable Care Act mandates in hopes that the influential agriculture group can offer a lower-cost product.

North Dakota's 1st medical marijuana dispensary set to open

Blake Nicholson, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 12:40pm

North Dakota's first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open next week, the culmination of a nearly two-year effort by the state Health Department to establish a distribution system for the drug.

Brigade of volunteers vow to bring aid to Venezuela's needy

Fabiola Sanchez, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 12:32pm

As President Nicolas Maduro deploys missiles and infantrymen to Venezuela's borders bracing for what he claims is U.S. coup plot disguised as humanitarian aid, his opponents are rallying their own troops. Nurses, doctors, engineers and homemakers have volunteered by the thousands to distribute the food and medicine in the face of a government ban.

German parliament approves compromise in abortion dispute

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 11:21am

Germany's parliament has approved legislation to loosen, but not scrap, a ban on doctors "advertising" abortions.

Sanctions could ease with greatly reduced North Korea threat

Deb Riechmann, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 10:54am

The U.S. will not move to ease economic sanctions on North Korea until it is confident that the nuclear weapons threat from Pyongyang has been "substantially reduced," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday.

From corn to Apple: What's behind the US-China standoff

Paul Wiseman and Michael Liedtke, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 10:41am

To hear the Americans tell it, the Chinese have gone on a commercial crime spree, pilfering trade secrets from seed corn to electronic brains behind wind turbines. China has stripped the arm off a T-Mobile robot, the U.S. says, and looted trade secrets about robotic cars from Apple.

'Ugly produce' trend may have limits, as grocers end tests

Candice Choi and Scott McFetridge, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 10:26am

Is the "ugly produce'" trend already reaching the end of its shelf life in supermarkets?

White House ends California talks on mileage dispute

Ellen Knickmeyer and Tom Krisher, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 10:19am

The Trump administration on Thursday broke off talks on vehicle mileage standards with California, increasing the chances of a court battle that threatens to unsettle the auto industry.

The Latest: Wisconsin Democrats sue over lame-duck law

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 10:04am

The Latest on labor unions' lawsuit challenging Wisconsin Republicans' lame-duck law (all times local):

Utilities head takes leave during water contamination probe

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 9:48am

The head of public utilities in a Salt Lake City suburb is going on paid administrative leave while investigators examine the city's response to contamination that affected parts of the water system.

Average US mortgage rates fell this week

Josh Boak, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 9:46am

U.S. long-term mortgage rates dipped this week to the lowest average in more than a year, providing a possible boost to the start of the Spring homebuying season in March.

Caterpillar, Apple among big names hit by US-China trade war

Damian J. Troise, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 21st - 9:28am

Companies making everything from computers to construction cranes are seeing their profits hurt as the United States' trade war with China causes the world's second largest economy to slow.