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Misguided virus fears hitting Asian American businesses

Alexandra Olson and Terry Tang, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 9:34am

In Arizona, a burgeoning Asian American community fields xenophobic calls about a planned night market featuring Asian street foods. In New York, a dim sum restaurant owner worries he won't make rent. In the San Francisco Bay Area, a local Asian American-owned restaurant chain is mulling temporarily shuttering one of its properties because of the downturn in trade.

Here is the latest news from The Associated Press at 10:40 a.m. EST

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 9:21am

The Boy Scouts of America is hoping its operations across the U.S. can continue intact even after it has filed for bankruptcy protection. The filing is an attempt to work out a potentially mammoth compensation plan for victims of sex-abuse and put their lawsuits on hold. Scores of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of several thousand men who say they were molested as boys by scout leaders decades ago. The organization could be forced to sell off some of its vast property holdings to raise money for a compensation fund that could surpass $1 billion.

Grains mostly higher, livestock mixed.

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 9:07am

Grain futures were mostly higher Monday in early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade.

US sanctions Russian oil trading firm for role in Venezuela

Ben Fox, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 8:40am

The Trump administration announced sanctions Tuesday on a Russian state-controlled brokerage that has helped the Venezuelan government skirt an American oil embargo and enabled President Nicolas Maduro keep his grip on power in the South American country.

Poland's miners protest coal imports seen as threat to jobs

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 7:51am

Miners in southern Poland worried that massive coal imports will eliminate their jobs on Tuesday blocked railway tracks on the import route.

Stocks fall as Apple warning raises China virus concerns

Damian J. Troise, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 7:46am

U.S. stocks fell in midday trading Tuesday after technology giant Apple became the most well-known company to warn of a financial hit from the virus outbreak in China.

Spain looks to adopt digital tax that has angered the US

Barry Hatton, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 6:46am

Spain’s government approved Tuesday the introduction of new taxes on digital business and stock market transactions, following similar steps by other European countries.

Firm loses compensation claim vs. Norway for spy recruitment

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 6:39am

A Norwegian concrete company on Tuesday lost its compensation case against its home country, claiming it suffered financial losses after Norway's intelligence services tried to recruit two of its employees working in Russia.

India hastily builds wall along slum ahead of Trump visit

Ajit Solanki, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 5:52am

A half-kilometer (1,640-foot) brick wall has been hastily erected in India's Gujarat state ahead of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump, with critics saying it was built to block the view of a slum area inhabited by more than 2,000 people.

Lewis Capaldi, Dave among front-runners for UK's Brit Awards

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 5:49am

Singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi and rapper Dave lead the nominations for the U.K. music industry’s Brit Awards, which faced criticism for the lack of female artists nominated for the high-profile prizes.

Greece: Ferries, urban transport halted by strikes, protests

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 5:38am

A 24-hour strike in Greece halted ferries, public transport, and municipal services in Athens and other parts of the country Tuesday as unions mounted protests against pension reforms by the center-right government.

UK PM Johnson and estranged wife reach financial settlement

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 5:18am

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his estranged wife Marina Wheeler have reached a financial agreement for their divorce, court records showed Tuesday.

Homeland Security waives contracting laws for border wall

Elliot Spagat, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 5:00am

The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will waive federal contracting laws to speed construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In tight vote, Dutch lawmakers approve EU-Canada trade deal

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 4:44am

In a tight vote Tuesday, lawmakers in the lower house of Dutch parliament approved a free trade deal between the European Union and Canada.

China virus outbreak chilling recovery for Asian economies

Elaine Kurtenbach, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 4:38am

The virus outbreak in China has put South Korea's economy into an "emergency situation," its president says. Japan is on the brink of recession and big manufacturers are forecasting a whole world of woe.

A rare miss for Walmart to end the year

Anne D'Innocenzio, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 4:27am

Walmart reported disappointing fourth-quarter profits and sales after a sluggish and shortened holiday shopping season.

Indian police open case against Kashmir social media users

Sheikh Saaliq, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 3:55am

Authorities in Indian-controlled Kashmir have registered a case against unidentified internet users who employed virtual private networks, or VPNs, to circumvent a social media ban in the disputed region, police said Tuesday, in an apparent effort to stop their use.

HSBC cuts headcount by 35,000 in deep overhaul

Danica Kirka and Elaine Kurtenbach, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 3:48am

Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, will shed some 35,000 jobs as part of an overhaul to focus on faster-growing markets in Asia and as it tries to cope with a slew of global uncertainties, from Brexit to the trade wars to the new coronavirus.

Farmers block highways in Spain to protest low food prices

Alicia LeÓn, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 3:41am

Farmers in fluorescent yellow vests blocked highways in southwestern Spain with tractors and other vehicles Tuesday in the latest mass protest over what they say are plummeting incomes for agricultural workers.