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Update on the latest in business:

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 1st - 1:42am

Asian shares mostly fell today, on continuing worries about the economic fallout from the pandemic as reports of coronavirus cases keep surging in various regions.

The Latest: Sri Lanka's president requests financial support

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 1st - 12:43am

Sri Lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa is requesting that international financial organizations provide debt moratorium or debt deferment facilities to developing nations such as Sri Lanka, which are adversely affected due to the new coronavirus.

Trump, Putin discuss oil, Japan stops some postal services

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 1st - 12:19am

all of which have been closed.

More than 50 infected with virus at California nursing home

Robert Jablon, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 11:02pm

A Southern California nursing home has been hit hard by the coronavirus, with more than 50 residents infected — a troubling development amid cautious optimism that cases in the state may peak more slowly than expected.

San Francisco will pay $369,000 to raided reporter

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 7:53pm

San Francisco will pay $369,000 to a freelance journalist who whose home and office were raided by police trying to find the confidential source of a leaked report into the death of the city's former public defender.

City, developer clash over demolition of collapsed hotel

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 6:32pm

Plans to demolish the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans, which partially collapsed in October, remain in limbo as the city and developers disagree over how to safely bring down the structure.

Finances hurting? Watch 'Let's Make a Deal'

David Bauder, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 4:04pm

Instead of watching their own finances crater, shut-in television viewers tuned in to the game show “Let's Make a Deal” in record numbers last week.

Regulators mull reversing $462M increase in PG&E fire fines

Michael Liedtke, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 3:55pm

California power regulators are weighing a recommendation to back off plans to fine Pacific Gas and Electric an additional $462 million over a series of deadly Northern California wildfires rather than risk that the harsher punishment might scuttle the utility's plan to get out of bankruptcy.

McConnell releasing ad tied to his role in virus rescue bill

Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 3:53pm

Looking to capitalize on his leadership post during the coronavirus crisis, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is launching a campaign ad in his home state that touts his role in passing the $2.2 trillion economic rescue package.

Hospitals overflowing with bodies in US epicenter of virus

Robert Bumsted and Michael R. Sisak, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 3:46pm

It has become a grim ritual outside New York City’s hospitals: workers in protective gear loading the bodies of coronavirus victims into refrigerated trailers.

Early divisions as Congress weighs next help for economy

Alan Fram, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 3:43pm

The bipartisan partnership that propelled a $2.2 trillion economic rescue package through Congress just days ago is already showing signs of strain, raising questions about how quickly calls for massive followup legislation may bear fruit.

Businesses may get COVID-19 relief loans as soon as Friday

Joyce M. Rosenberg, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 3:06pm

Small businesses seeking loans through the government's $2 trillion coronavirus relief package could receive money as soon as Friday.

UN chief says COVID-19 is worst crisis since World War II

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 2:48pm

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Tuesday that the world faces the most challenging crisis since World War II, confronting a pandemic threatening people in every country, one that will bring a recession “that probably has no parallel in the recent past.”

FDA changes boost alcohol for sanitizer from ethanol makers

David Pitt, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 2:27pm

The Food and Drug Administration has relaxed regulations on the types of alcohol that can be used to make hand sanitizers during the shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, expanding the market to potentially millions of gallons made by ethanol producers.

Stocks fall and the S&P 500 ends with a first-quarter drop of 20%, its worst quarterly performance since 2008

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 2:03pm

Stocks fall and the S&P 500 ends with a first-quarter drop of 20%, its worst quarterly performance since 2008.

A guide to surviving financially as the bills come due

Sarah Skidmore Sell, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 1:22pm

About half of all mortgage holders do — there is help. The mortgage buyers have suspended all foreclosures and evictions for homes owned by their companies.

PM Prep-Segue

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 1:03pm

CNN's Chris Cuomo has announced that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. The prime-time host is one of the most visible media figures to come down with the disease, since he has a show on each weeknight on the news network. Cuomo said he's experienced chills, fever and shortness of breath. He promised to continue doing his show while in quarantine in the basement of his home, which he did Monday night. His older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has been one of the most visible political figures in the pandemic and was on his brother's show via remote link Monday.

What you need to do to get your government stimulus check

Sarah Skidmore Sell, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 12:50pm

including senior citizens and low-income people who might not traditionally file tax returns — do need to take action. People behind on filing their taxes might also want to get caught up.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's misfires on virus death rates, tests

Hope Yen, Lauran Neergaard and Calvin Woodward, Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 31st - 12:49pm

Facing a grim reality of surging coronavirus cases, President Donald Trump is making premature assertions about relatively low death rates in the U.S. and revising history about how seriously he viewed the threat, including the need for ventilators.