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Athletes Village for Olympics could house virus patients

Yuri Kageyama and Stephen Wade, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 3:04am

The under-construction Athletes Village for the Tokyo Olympics could be used as a temporary hospital for cornoavirus patients.

AM Prep-Cyber Corner

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 1:03am

If you’re in the city of Baltimore and get the feeling you’re being watched from above, it may be more than just paranoia. The city has approved a program to use surveillance planes to record anything that can be seen on the streets below. City officials signed off on a deal with a private company in Ohio to set up the surveillance system. Approval comes despite opposition from the American Civil Liberties Union, which says the eye-in-the-sky monitoring could violate people’s rights. The six-month pilot program will use three planes to collect images aimed at helping police investigate murders, non-fatal shootings, armed robberies and carjackings.

Global stocks lower on US job losses, pricier oil

Joe McDonald, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 11:56pm

Global stock markets declined Friday after soaring U.S. job losses tempered enthusiasm about a possible deal to stabilize oil prices amid anxiety over the global economic decline due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese struggle to return to work as virus controls ease

Han Guan and Joe McDonald, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 11:56pm

After two months in locked-down Wuhan, Wei Lei was eager to get back to work on a railway construction site. Instead, the 22-year-old found himself stranded at an expressway toll plaza where police decided who was allowed in and out of the city where the coronavirus pandemic started.

The Latest: Google publishing location data amid lockdowns

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 11:45pm

Google has started releasing location data to help public health officials track how people are responding to lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.

Virus deaths, unemployment accelerating across Europe, US

Michael R. Sisak, Lori Hinnant and Mark Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 11:41pm

Coronavirus deaths mounted with alarming speed in Spain, Italy and New York, the most lethal hot spot in the United States, while the outbreak has thrown 10 million Americans out of work in just two weeks and by Friday had sickened more than a million people.

'Surreal': NY funeral homes struggle as virus deaths surge

Jake Seiner and John Minchillo, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 11:10pm

Pat Marmo walked among 20 or so deceased in the basement of his Brooklyn funeral home, his protective mask pulled down so his pleas could be heard.

Boost the schmooze? Trump wants tax dining deduction back

Marcy Gordon, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 10:41pm

It may be an odd gesture at a time of social distancing, but President Donald Trump is leaning into his plea to Congress to restore full tax benefits prized by business for fine dining and schmoozing. Trump is seizing on the pandemic crisis to push for an item on his economic wish list: full tax deductions for business meals in restaurants and for other entertainment expenses.

In time of crisis, Trump-Pelosi relationship remains broken

Jonathan Lemire and Laurie Kellman, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 10:37pm

Two of the most powerful people in Washington have not spoken in five months at a time when the nation is battling its worst health crisis in a century, one that has already killed more than 6,000 Americans and put 10 million others out of work.

Jobs report Friday is expected to end record hiring streak

Christopher Rugaber, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 10:01pm

After a record 113 straight months of hiring, the government's monthly jobs report Friday is expected to show that the American jobs machine came to a sudden halt in March as a result of the coronavirus.

Cardboard cutouts pose as guests for wedding amid COVID-19

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 6:20pm

Cardboard cutout wedding guests will make for a not-so-cookie-cutter wedding as a Michigan couple prepares to tie the knot during the coronavirus pandemic.

Porn warning labels bill becomes Utah law amid controversy

Lindsay Whitehurst, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 6:12pm

Pornography will have to come with a warning label in Utah after Gov. Gary Herbert allowed the measure to become law over protest from the adult-entertainment industry.

'Surreal': NY funeral homes struggle as virus deaths surge

Jake Seiner and John Minchillo, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 5:32pm

Pat Marmo walked among 20 or so deceased in the basement of his Brooklyn funeral home, his protective mask pulled down so his pleas could be heard.

Tesla's 1Q car sales surged before pandemic shut things down

Michael Liedtke, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 4:06pm

Tesla's sales of its increasingly popular electric cars got off to fast start this year, even though the company had to slam the brakes along with other major automakers last month because of worldwide efforts to contain the worst pandemic in a century.

Navy fires captain who sought help for virus-stricken ship

Lolita C. Baldor and Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 3:49pm

The captain of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier facing a growing outbreak of the coronavirus on his ship was fired by Navy leaders who said he created a panic by sending his memo pleading for help to too many people.

Mexican economy may contract by 4 to 8% in 2020

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 3:41pm

Mexico's Treasury predicted Thursday that the country's economy will contract by as much as 3.9% in 2020 the face of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, but private analysts are making even more dire predictions: the country's worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Biden wants to talk to Trump about lessons from past crises

Alexandra Jaffe and Bill Barrow, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 3:35pm

Joe Biden said Thursday that he wants to speak with President Donald Trump in the hope that the president can “learn some lessons” from the Obama administration on how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Central Park houses hospital ward as NY races to add beds

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 3:22pm

There is a coronavirus ward in tents in Central Park. A makeshift hospital has been set up in a Manhattan convention center. Over the next few weeks, spaces including pro tennis courts, college dorms and a cruise ship terminal are supposed to start housing patients as New York state races to roughly triple its hospital capacity.

World Bank OKs first $1.9B for poor countries battling virus

Martin Crutsinger, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 3:19pm

The World Bank on Thursday approved its first funds to help some of the globe's poorer countries combat the coronavirus outbreak.