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Lava flow enters Hawaii geothermal plant property

Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 11:44am

A lava flow in Hawaii has entered the property of a geothermal power plant on the Big island.

Budget battle brews as Trump threatens another shutdown

Andrew Taylor, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 11:38am

President Donald Trump has warned Congress that he will never sign another foot-tall, $1 trillion-plus government-wide spending bill like the one he did in March. His message to lawmakers in both parties: Get your act together before the next budget lands on my desk.

No longer driven by conflict, Colombians vote for president

Christine Armario and Joshua Goodman, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 11:37am

For decades, Colombians voted with an eye on the bloody conflict with leftist rebels that dominated their country and politics.

Pipeline pique complicates Heitkamp's 2nd term Senate hopes

James MacPherson, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 11:31am

Standing Rock Sioux tribal member Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun went door to door on North Dakota's largest American Indian reservations in 2012 turning out the tribal vote to help put Democrat Heidi Heitkamp in the U.S. Senate. Six years later, with Heitkamp fighting hard to win a second term, Hunte-Beaubrun is staying on the sidelines.

Lawsuit: Man contracted E. coli at Nampa Papa Murphy's

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 10:44am

A local Idaho man has joined eight others across the country in suing Papa Murphy's and other top food chains for allegedly contracting E. coli after visiting one of pizza chain's locations.

Brazilian truckers strike enters its 7th day

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 10:26am

A strike by Brazilian truckers that has caused shortages at gas stations and supermarkets across Latin America's biggest country has entered a seventh day with no immediate solution in sight.

Idaho dairies invest in robotic milkers

Sharon Fisher, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 10:14am

Faced with an increasing shortage of workers, Idaho dairies are investing in robotic milkers.

In Wisconsin, do too many Democrats want to be governor?

Scott Bauer, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 10:11am

Southern Wisconsin cattle farmer Diane Mills-Frank just wants to know who her party's candidate for governor will be.

Cases against pork giant continue after big penalty slashed

Emery P. Dalesio, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 9:39am

Lawyers for the world's largest pork producer don't want jurors to hear about the finances of a company whose industrial-scale hog operations caused a stench so bad it made life miserable for its rural neighbors.

Visa woes have summer businesses looking to Puerto Ricans

David Sharp and Claudia Torrens, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 8:37am

Frustrated by red tape and visa limits on foreign workers, tourism businesses from Maine to Missouri are turning to Puerto Ricans who are fleeing a shattered economy and devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

Huge lightning storms in UK disrupt travel at London airport

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 7:57am

British meteorologists said thousands of lightning strikes hit the U.K. during a powerful overnight thunderstorm, and a London-area airport reported flight disruptions Sunday after an aircraft refueling system was damaged.

Vacant for decades, Detroit's train station may get new life

Corey Williams, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 27th - 7:45am

The last train left Michigan Central Station 30 years ago and it has stood vacant ever since, a hulking embodiment of Detroit's long decline from America's manufacturing engine to its biggest municipal bankruptcy.

Court: Gov't violated privacy law for defrauded students

Maria Danilova, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 4:53pm

A federal court has ruled that the Education Department violated privacy laws with regard to students defrauded by the Corinthian for-profit college chain.

The Latest: Irish PM plans to move quickly on legal abortion

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 4:37pm

The Latest on the Irish abortion referendum (all times local):

Yemeni officials say airstrike in Sanaa kills at least 4

Ahmed Al-Haj, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 4:17pm

Yemeni security officials say a Saudi-led coalition airstrike in the capital has killed at least four civilians and wounded over 10 others.

Thousands of geologists talk shop, explore Utah's wonders

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted   May 26th - 3:29pm

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists brought more than 4,000 professionals to Salt Lake City this week for the first time since 2003, with hundreds taking advantage of 13 field trips that included visits to multiple national parks.

Empty stores, shuttered gas posts in Brazil truckers' strike

C.h. Gardiner, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 2:47pm

A truckers' strike in Brazil left a patchwork of empty gas stations and barren supermarket shelves Saturday as drivers appeared unmoved by the government's threats to use force or fine people who didn't comply.

Kate Bosworth, husband to offer film classes in Montana

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 2:21pm

Actress Kate Bosworth is helping to cultivate the movie industry in Montana.

Thousands across France protest Macron's 'brutal' policies

Philippe Sotto, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 1:19pm

Thousands of protesters marched under tight security in eastern Paris on Saturday after French labor unions, left-wing political parties and civil rights groups called for "floods of people" to oppose the pro-business policies of President Emmanuel Macron.

4 hospitalized after oil tanks explode in West Virginia

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 26th - 12:58pm

Four people have been hospitalized after oil tanks exploded in West Virginia.