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Putin promises social spending boost in annual call-in show

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 3:39am

President Vladimir Putin is promising to boost spending on social programs as part of the government's modernization efforts.

UK Treasury chief issues stiff no-deal Brexit warning

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 3:07am

Britain's Treasury chief is warning that leaving the European Union without a deal would damage the economy and ultimately risk the break-up of the United Kingdom.

Boeing eyes more 737 Max sales after post-crash drought

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:51am

Boeing says it's discussing possible sales of the 737 Max with several customers as it tries to rebuild trust after two deadly crashes.

UK Tories to pick final 2 contenders for prime minister

Jill Lawless, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:47am

Britain's governing Conservatives were set to pick two candidates Thursday who will square off to become the country's next prime minister.

Norway's central bank raises key interest rate

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:45am

Norway's central bank has decided to raise its key policy rate by 0.25 percentage points to 1.25%.

EU leaders set for major battle over bloc's top jobs

Raf Casert and Lorne Cook, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:12am

With several top officials on their way out of the European Union by the end of fall, EU leaders are gathering Thursday for a major political horse-trading exercise that is as mindboggling as it is competitive on how to replace them while keeping all 28 member states happy. Well, at least most of them.

World shares gain on Fed reassurance, hopes for trade truce

Elaine Kurtenbach, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:02am

World shares advanced on Thursday on hopes that a meeting between President Donald Trump and his counterpart Xi Jinping next week might bring about a truce in trade tensions.

1 in 6 ER visits or hospital stays triggers 'surprise' bill

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 1:14am

Roughly one in every six times someone is taken to an emergency room or checks in to the hospital, the treatment is followed by a "surprise" medical bill, according to a study released Thursday. And depending on where you live, the odds can be much higher.

Oil shippers boost security after mysterious attacks in Gulf

Aya Batrawy, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 12:14am

A series of attacks on oil tankers near the Persian Gulf has ratcheted up tensions between the U.S. and Iran — and raised fears over the safety of one of Asia's most vital energy trade routes, where about a fifth of the world's oil passes through its narrowest at the Strait of Hormuz.

Waymo teams up with Renault, Nissan on robotaxis outside US

Michael Liedtke, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 12:02am

Self-driving car pioneer Waymo is teaming up with automakers Renault and Nissan to make its first journey outside the U.S. with a ride-hailing service that will dispatch a fleet of robotaxis in France and Japan.

Xi's NKorea visit a chance to strengthen ties, influence US

Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 11:24pm

In the highly formalized world of China-North Korea relations, Xi Jinping's trip to Pyongyang carries enormous symbolic significance. Although less certain, it may also yield outcomes that could influence both countries' relations with the U.S.

Alaska lawmakers weigh governor's call for new session venue

Mark Thiessen and Becky Bohrer, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 11:08pm

When Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy called for the Legislature's next special session to be held in Wasilla, some agreed with him that a change of venue would be good for lawmakers struggling to finish their work after a drawn-out five months at the state capital.

Bank of England set to keep rates on hold over Brexit unease

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 11:04pm

The Bank of England is expected to keep interest rates on hold Thursday but indicate a possible increase later this year despite uncertainty over Brexit.

AP Interview: Border official says aid needed to save lives

Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 10:38pm

When 16-year-old Carlos Hernandez Vasquez fell ill in a holding facility at the U.S.-Mexico border, he was diagnosed with the flu and given medication, then sent back to a cell to recuperate on a concrete bench.

Trust in single power line played role in Argentine outage

Almudena Calatrava, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 8:17pm

Overconfidence in the capacity of a single transmission line may have played a role in a massive power outage that left Argentina and parts of Uruguay and Paraguay in the dark three days ago, experts said Wednesday.

McDonald's Kansas City burger in UK starts barbecue feud

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 7:36pm

McDonald's has started a trans-Atlantic barbecue feud with the introduction of a Kansas City-themed hamburger in the U.K.

PG&E says it's fixed many major safety risks on lines, poles

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 6:41pm

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. officials said Wednesday its workers discovered more than 1,000 high-priority safety risks on its transmission lines and distribution poles over several months of inspections and almost all of them have been fixed.

Ex-deputy: Supervisor used racial slur, pointed gun at him

Tom Foreman Jr., Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 4:53pm

A supervisor in a North Carolina sheriff's office addressed a biracial deputy with a racial slur multiple times, called him "monkey boy," mocked him for his hair and pointed a gun at his head at least eight times, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court.

Trump honors economist who advised him on lowering taxes

Kevin Freking, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 19th - 3:38pm

President Donald Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday to economist Arthur Laffer, whose disputed theories on tax cuts have guided Republican policy since the 1980s.