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Wednesday's Child — Lorenzo

By Ashley Kewish  |  Posted Apr 15th, 2015 @ 10:00pm

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HILL AIR FORCE BASE — Some things in life can't be taught in a history book — 15-year-old Lorenzo knows that.

"It's a B-17 Flying Fortress," Lorenzo said as he toured the museum at Hill Air Force Base. "It's really big."

He especially likes learning about World War II, even though it was fought some 60 years before he was even born. It was a time when men and women became heroes.

"They're also called the greatest generation," he said.

There's just something about that time that captures his attention.

"The P-15's replaced the Warthogs" he said as he walked around the replica planes. "I study about it a lot."

Lorenzo has never met a WWII veteran, but he would love to. All he knows comes from the history books.

"I'm not quite sure why but I'm just fascinated by it," he said

Maybe that fascination comes from the fact his personal past is so painful.

"Life is just really bad," he explained.

In the history of Lorenzo's life there are battles. They don't involved fighters or bombers but something that strikes to this boy's core.

"I've moved around so much I don't even what to call home," he said.

Lorenzo lives in the Utah foster care system.

"I've switched school four or five times," he said. "I have no friends."

Lorenzo's parent's died about eight years ago; ever since then he's been searching.

"I want to be in a family that can be loving," he said.

He's hoping for adoption.

"It would mean everything because I've never really had a home."

Until then, Lorenzo is keeping himself busy. Lorenzo came here to the museum to connect with the history he loves so much.

"Out of all the WWII veterans, only 10 percent live," he said.

There's one connection he didn't expect to make as en elderly man with a cane approached him.

"My name is Bill Samson, and I'm a WWII veteran," the man said. "How are you?"

Though separated by decades, for a time it did't seem so long. The two walked around and talked about their mutual admiration for that time in history.

"It was quite a war," Samson said.

"Oh, yes," agreed Lorenzo. "It really was."

As for this 15-year-old's future, he knows it isn't written yet. And maybe, thanks to a connection from the past, he has a little more hope.

"Don't steal any of these airplanes because they don't have any gas in them," said Samson, and Lorenzo smiled.


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