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Police: Knife found in area were Boise officer shot man

By The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 8:32am



BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Authorities say police found a knife near where a Boise police officer shot a 57-year-old man who advanced while refusing to show his hands.

The Boise Police Department in a news release says the man shot by an officer Monday morning was also suffering from what appeared to be previously inflicted knife wounds.

Police responded at 7:15 a.m. to a residence following reports of a man with a gun who might be suicidal.

Police say the man came out near the home with at least one hand behind his back.

Police say a six-year veteran of the Boise Police Department opened fire when the man didn't obey commands.

Police treated the man, and he was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

His name hasn't been released.

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