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How do you afford child care in Utah?

Originally aired: Sunday, September 9, 2018

Robbyn Scribner is a Research Fellow at the Utah Women and Leadership Project at Utah Valley University: "For so many Utah families, child care is out of reach. We learned in the research that half of Utah children under 6 have all available parents working. For low income families, there are subsidies available for working parents. A family of four can pay a third of their income on child care. Then there is an availability issue. There are 122,000 children who need care and 22,000 licensed centers. So a lot of grandmothers are providing care." Susan Spiers is the CEO of the Utah Association of CPAs: "I remember we went through that process. So much of my salary went to day care, diapers, formula. When a kid would get out of diapers, it was like getting a raise. I had a flexible schedule, which was wonderful." Meghan Holbrook is the Senior Vice President in the Office of the President at Zions Bank and Utah Transportation Commissioner: "How do people do it? They have to give up other things. I have a God daughter who was expecting another child. Everything goes to child care. They have to give up vacations, new mountain bikes, whatever. The majority in this country are women doing this. I think the government needs to step up and help."